WesterosCraft Custom Client as a Technic Launcher

Jul 25, 2017
WesterosCraft Custom Client as a Technic Launcher
  • WesterosCraft Custom Client as a Technic Launcher Mod Pack

    Here's a 3rd option, for folks that might prefer to use another common custom launcher - TechnicLauncher. If you get this launcher, you can add our ModPack for the main server using the following process:

    1. Select "Add New Pack"
    2. Paste in the URL http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/westeroscraft-client
    3. Save the Pack, and click Play.

    For the test server, the pack URL is http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/westeroscraft-test-client

    These ModPacks are NOT equivalent to those in the WesterosCraft Launcher and the manually installed custom client (which ARE equivalent). The differences include:

    1. The Technic packs include the WesterosCraft RP, but to not (yet) default to using the RP - it must be selected manually.

    Note: The v1.11.2 and later modpacks require at least 2GB of memory, which also implies the requirement for a 64 bit Java (specifically, Java 8). To confirm that you are using these settings:
    1. Go to the 'Launcher Options' on the Technic launcher (gear in top right corner)
    2. Select Java Settings
    3. Make sure "Minecraft Java Version" is '1.8.0_131 64-bit' or a later build of 1.8.0
    4. Make sure that Memory is set to '2 GB' or higher
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