The Crag

Aug 26, 2018
The Crag
  • The Crag
    Lore Details
    Warp: /warp crag
    Location: The Westerlands
    House: Westerling
    Type Castle
    Construction Details
    Started: July 6, 2016.
    Project Lead: BantyRooster
    Project Type: Private
    Project Status: Completed

    The Crag is a small castle in The Westerlands, built against the mysterious Sunset sea. More ruin than stronghold at this point, the Westerling's long stripped mines have left them without the funds to maintain their holdings.


    See The Crag on Imgur.


    The Castle(top)

    Visit the staging ground for a torrid romance that very nearly led to the downfall of a great house. It's romantic!

    Abandoned Mines(top)

    Hidden in the forest to The North is a long abandoned—and now overgrown—gold mining camp.

    Westerling Winery(top)

    Much of the foothills are blanketed by vineyards, producing much needed wine for the Westerlings, as it is one of the chief exports for the withering house.

    Mountainside Septry(top)

    Keeping watch over the vineyards is a once-lavish mountainside septry.


    Construction began on July 6th, 2016 by BantyRooster and continued until May 28th, 2018.


    The Crag is inspired by the Fotress of San Leo, Italy.
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