The Reach - Historical

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The Reach
The Reach is the second largest region of Westeros (the North being larger) and also its most populous. It includes the largest city on the continent (Oldtown) as well as many large towns such as Tumbleton, Ashford, and Cuy. The land is abundant with dense woodlands, large rivers and lakes, and fertile valleys, making the region wealthy with agricultural goods, some that are globally recognized for their quality such as the wines from the Arbor, although large vineyards stretch throughout most of the region. The land is covered in orchards, including apples and pears in the northern regions and lemons, limes, oranges, and pomegranates in the south. Large fields of grain stretch across its northern lands and the rivers include rich soil from frequent flooding. This abundance combined with the stability of the region's nobles make it the second richest region, second only to The Westerlands with their gold and silver mines.

The borders of the Reach include the Sunset Sea to the west, the hills of the westerlands to the northwest, the Blackwater Rush of the riverlands and crownlands to The North, the Dornish Marches to the east, and the Red Mountains of Dorne and the Summer Sea to the south. The Dornish are considered their ancient enemies and along with the Marcher lords from The Stormlands have had countless skirmishes over the ages.

The Roseroad links Oldtown with King's Landing by way of Highgarden , while the Ocean Road links Highgarden with Lannisport. Besides this major roads, the Reach is connected by the Mander river (the largest on the continent) and its tributaries, the Blueburn, the Cockleswhent, and an unnamed river that begins near Silverhill. Oldtown is located at the mouth of the Honeywine. The region also includes several islands, including the Shield Islands near the mouth of the Mander and the Arbor south of the Whispering Sound and the Redwyne Straits.

The regional capital is Highgarden, where once House Gardener ruled as the Kings of the Reach. Like many houses in the Reach, House Gardener began as descendants of the First Men, and claims descent from the legendary Garth Greenhand. After the invasion of the Andals, many houses intermarried and adopted the Faith of the Seven, which has an important headquarters at the Starry Sept in Oldtown. After the War of Conquest, House Tyrell was named Lords Paramount of the Reach because they surrendered to House Targaryen. Over the centuries, the region has been an important political and economical ally to many different kings beginning with the Targaryens, but divided its loyalties during the Dance of the Dragons, switched sides during Robert's Rebellion, backed Renly Baratheon at first before more recently coming into power alongside their rivals, the Lannisters.

The region has a long history of chivalry and is know for its legendary heroes such as Serwyn of the Mirror Shield, Davos the Dragonslayer, Roland of the Horn, and the Knight Without Armor. Many houses have their own tournament grounds and the Rules are most stringent in this region while the knights receive great honor for participating. The arts flourish in many of the noble courts, with many having ornate furnishing, musical ensembles, and elaborate gardens. But the region also has a large military force, both in mounted knights, infantry, and a large navy commanded by House Redwyne of the Arbor.