william_the_Bastard Builder Application


United Kingdom

youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw-aVXTkTsw

i am not a typical fantasy fan, however i do like historical novel series 'Saxon stories' by Bernard Cornwell

Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings

Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7

Davos-to me Davos is one of the most interesting ASOIF characters because his character is full of contradictions that demonstrate GRRM ability to create multi-dimensional characters .on one hand he is very principled and despite this will follow Stannis, even through dishonorable deeds. I am also a big fan of Stannis which is another reason i like Davos because Stannis's story is told through Davos perspective.

I am studying History at Uni so i feel like i could be a good edition to the server as i would be invested in trying to make the server as accurate to the medieval setting.

I would like to build on the Westeroscraft server as i am passionate about faithfully recreating the ASOIF world, in addition i am aware that the server is intending to be used as a means of recreating scenarios such as battles and famous events from the Books, which i am keen to become involved with, therefore i would like to help improve the building process.




Cersei's Left Bob
Hey William, thank you for your application. Sadly, the link you provided doesn't seem to work, as there is only one screenshot that doesn't really show much. Can you re-upload it?


Cersei's Left Bob
Hey William, thanks for the new link.
I'd like to keep this application open for a month, in order for you to get to know our style better. There's a lot of space to improve here, from gradients (the use of different blocks to represent age, weathering and depth on the walls of a building) structural support (exterior overhangs and rafters) and the way different material weights work, to utilising our custom blocks for a more exciting build. I'd recommend you to visit some of our recent projects, such as Bandallon, Duskendale, Hawthorne, Mallery, Banefort, Woodwright, etc. to see how we interpret the things I've listed.
I hope this won't discourage you - looking forward to see what you come up with!



Cersei's Left Bob
Hey William!

This is definitely an improvement. However, there is still space for growth.

1) The roof - although not strictly forbidden, the thatch overhangs on your roof are considered outdated. I'd recommend just cutting them off to get a nice flat profile for the house.
As for the interior part, there should be some sort of rafters on the inside of the roof, be it fully covered or partially. Explore some more houses to see how we deal with this.

2) Walls - don't use daub & wattle to frame a house. Either do the walls all out of daub & wattle, wood, or one on top of the other, but not a mix of both. Framing has been discouraged on the server for a long time now and you won't see it in our recent projects.
Similar story with fence block window - use wood slabs and carpets on the bottom for this instead. I do have to say that your daub and wattle design, however, is very good! Always go for a symmetrical pattern.

3) Interior
Floor - a low class family would most likely have a floor of packed dirt, which we make out of dirt and gravel blocks. To make the room less empty, put some thatch rushes on the floor, using our several thatch blocks.

Furniture - we don't use stairs as seating. More appropriate would be a slab block with or without a halfdoor or wattle on the backside. The rest of the furniture seems a bit too numerous for a small peasant house. They'd have way less and more simple furniture.

Decoration - the hanging decoration blocks (rabbit and herbs) seem to float. Either connect them directly to the ceiling or use a vertical rope block to connect them.

Overall, this is a nice beginning! I'd definitely recommend you to explore the server houses more, studying the details on the exteriors and interiors closely.
For your first challenge, I'd like you to build a house in the style of Bandallon. With that, I'd like you to build a garden for the house.

Good luck!



Cersei's Left Bob
Hey William!

The main thing I want to say before giving you the feedback is that when you build a house in a certain style, you have to follow all the characteristics and techniques of that style, rather than using it as an inspiration. Basically, your house should be a variation of the existing houses in that style.

Here's the feedback:
1) Exteriors - they seem alright for the main structure. However, the garden doesn't follow the Bandallon style at all.
Instead of fences, a stone wall is used for the garden boundaries.
The floor should be a dirt and gravel mix rather than mud.
As for the plants, try dividing them up into their own rectangular shapes and enclosing them with wattle. Cabbage and flowers (as with any other plants/veggies) should be separated.

2) Interiors - the first thing that caught my eye is the lack of rafters on the inside of the roof. Use wood stairs to cover the insides.
The furniture seems randomly placed and stacked on eachother. When using the drawer bench block, always cover the sides with a half-door.
As I said for your previous house, a low-class family wouldn't have that many pieces of furniture. I'd rather have some clothes hanging around and a simple furniture design.

All in all, I'd recommend you again to take some time to study our styles. Like I said, when you're building a house in a certain style, follow all its techniques and characteristics, rather than building something that looks inspired by it.
As for the furniture, you should definitely visit /warp ikea to see some nice interior decoration designs.

For your next challenge, please build a house in the style of /warp woodwright, particularly a steep-roofed one.

Please take your time with it and don't be afraid to ask for tips from our builders on the server!