Westeroscraft portfolio


Hello everyone.

I was required to make a portfolio in my web design class. I decided to make one for us instead of about me.

Now, disclaimers:
  • I can design better than this but web design is a whole other design method to conquer and do well because you need to learn how to code it, which in and of itself is limiting already.
  • There are also some errors here that may or may happen because I'm an amateur at best and have no idea what I'm actually doing. :D And one error perplexed me and my professor! So sorry if you have issues seeing stuff, especially on the landing page.
  • No the site isn't mobile-friendly yet there were a few mistakes caught on my final critique I must correct
  • I used our wiki articles to fill in the project information. If anything is incorrect missing, or you would like to be taken down let me know.
http://westeroscraftportfoliome/ INACTIVE

However, I have the domain name for a year, and I think this is much nicer than the wiki and more user-friendly too. This is a good link to give those who can't get on or prefer something a little more user-friendly than the wiki. Heck, the grouping page is a nice way to get an overall idea of us. We can use this if we want to, or it's just a fun thing to look at.

If you'd like your project to be on here. (Even just for giggles) Id be very happy to add more projects to the page.
To get your project added please include the following
  • What people refer to the project as. We don't call it House Stark we call it "Winterfell"
  • Name of the House that resides there.
  • Project leaders
  • Project start and if applicable, end date
  • The project region be specific or unspecific. Just tell me at least what kingdom/region it's in.
  • <300 word summary of your project
  • Important warps or all the warps (Max 5 warps!)
  • <300 Any other facts and details you like us to know. I mainly choose construction details, such as when and how the project began.
  • 3 Images of your project
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