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Looking for AGoT related builds in minecraft after playing entirely too much CK2 AGoT mod.

Inheritance Cycle(not the horrific movie), Critical Role(if that counts)

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7
All of the above

Does Gylbert Farwynd count? If not, then Arya since she brings up the same thing in the show: going to whatever is west of Westeros/the Lands of Always Summer.

Despite having never read the books, I have a lot of obscure knowledge, especially on smaller houses, ie. the Baneforts descended from necromancer kings of the Crag, or the Butterwells were gifted a Dragon egg before betraying the king and having their castle, Whitewalls destroyed. I have a passion for both the series and for Minecraft. I once helped administrate a server for a short time.

I really enjoy the show and the lore of GoT/ ASoIaF, and have played minecraft for many years. I also worked on the Beyond Skyrim project for Skyrim for several years in level design. However, I have always wanted to do more hands on creating, to have a hand in the aesthetics, etc, but I am no good ad 3D modeling. This seems like the perfect middle ground. Working as part of a large project dedicated to a mythos that engages me in a game I enjoy.


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Hey Virictus, thank you for you application! I really like your attitude and think you'd be a great addition to our team. Let's try to get your building equivalent to our server's standards and style.

-While we did "Log Framing" of foundations and Daub and Wattle a while back, we tend to use no logs at all when building normal houses these days.
-While medieval houses would have less windows than we have nowadys to not loose heat, you could add one or two!
-For low class huts like your house we usually use a dirt floor.
-The material of the roof should always be covered with wood from below, especially when it is out of thatch or slate. If the roof is out of a wooden material, at least put stairs from below so it looks more realistic.
-While there were small mud ovens in some viking-houses that did not have a chimney, don't use our furnace blocks without building a chimney!
-There are lots of multi-sided blocks we use for our interiors like Drawers, Cabinets or bookshelves. Of those there should always be only one side visible, since you couldn't open a drawer to multiple sides. That's why you should always cover all but one side with placing it next to walls, other blocks, halfdoors or wattle fences.

With this feedback in mind, please build your first challenge build: A middle class house in the style of /warp Bitterbridge. As this is a townhouse, make sure to pick a fitting profession for your build!
Good luck!