The most dangerous river in Planetos

Hi guys, i´d like the idea of doing for the server an interpretation of the most dangerous river in the world, that is the Bolton Strid of the Wharfe river in England, I was wandering for the server loohking for a wide river this build can fit, and I located one in inland Westerlands. the idea is to make a tiny wood surrounding the Strid, I put tests and inspiration.



Keep in mind that the River Wharfe is about 30 meters (~= 30 blocks) wide just about 100 meters before the Strid. The entire river turns on its side.
I know it Emot, but doing that wide is not reliable at all, i am looking to do that in a "wide" river of 8-10 blocks wide... But if you gave me the chance to build it in a wide river, that propossal is welcome!
guys, i have found a better place for this immersive, i am going to locate it in the westerlands, in one of the rivers going down from Bigglestone, here is the location, as well as the terrain of the shores will be turned into eastern islands-river rocks, to make it more likely the real onestrid.jpg