Some Short Tunes


Hello there! I am a big fan of Westeroscraft, and while I am applying for builder, I thought I could help in other ways. I play the cello, so I wrote some short tunes that might be useful. I know the cello wasn't invented until the mid-renaissance, but: 1) I don't know how to play a viola da gamba, and: 2) I thought if you liked what I had written, I could learn to use the digital orchestrator that the rest of your songs are written on. It should be easy to write viola da gamba music if it's in base clef, but I can't seem to find which clef it's music is written in (considering it's a "viola" da gamba I assume it's alto clef).
Anyways, the songs I wrote were themed on the mood of different locations. I imagined them being played when a player enters a certain area, or when a certain event happens.

P.S. try your best to ignore the plucking at the beginning of the songs, it's just me finding my tone :p
P.P.S. Sorry about the wack audio, I recorded them on my phone :/. these are just supposed to be previews, so if you like them, I'll write them on a program.
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I like them, they are nice little introductory tunes. And it’s nice to see some activity in this thread. Especially as it’s a cello! My favourite instrument