PvE - Fist of the First Men


Hey everyone, I've thrown together a test of a PvE concept to see how we might be able to manage fighting mobs in game. If you head over to /warp pve you'll be able to give it a try for yourselves.

I figure we might be able to setup discrete, self contained environments based on notable battles/What If scenarios. The Fist of the First Men seemed like an obvious one to start, but a slice of Winterfell, Castle Black, Crastor's would be great for fighting off zombies, but even the Red Keep could be fun too.

- Mobs are still dumb, I've tried to up their "awareness" radius but they still seem to get stuck in corners/not know how to walk through a door so they're pretty easy to avoid if you don't dive into the thick of them.
- I haven't noticed lag to be a significant problem yet, but it's something I want to be careful with so we should be careful about spawning 200 blazes for teh lolz.
- It would be handy to be able to set spawns at the arena so if we die we don't get sent back to the world spawn. I've tried sleeping in beds to it but that doesn't seem to work.
- I'm also not sure if Guests can attack mobs, might be possible to fix this in the plot settings or it's a global permissions thing we'll need to look into.