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    This is my probation thread.
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    Probation 1- /warp HolyHallham1

    (-4966.694 / 55/ 17659.971)
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    Hey, I know you don't have a probation leader yet. So, me and a couple other builders left some notes on your WH build to help you out in the meantime. :) you should check it out before doing anymore builds.
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    Ok cool I was still working on it I remembered a few things after I got off that’s why I put WIP

    (Build mentioned was scrapped)
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    Probation 2- /warp holyhall
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    Probation 3- /warp hgdocks

    (-4903 / 41 / 18257)
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    Probation 4- /warp ss

    (-1598/ 50/ 11110)
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    Probation 5- /warp wullvillage3

    (-871/ 66/ -13948)
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    Probation 6- /warp WH

    (1836/ 46/ -2930)
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    Probation 7- /warp HolyHall

    (-4768/ 49/ 17525)
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    Probation 8- /warp cave

    (6000/ 73/ 9216)
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    Probation 9- /warp dedham1

    (-2189/ 49/ 8742)
  13. Since you’re often on when I am I do think I’m most suitable to be your leader. I like one on one sessions anyways cause then I can demonstrate what I mean an we can talk stuff out.
    But that being said here is the post I always post:

    I'll be your probation leader and am excited to teach you our honorable ways.

    However, I do want to be transparent in the fact that I've been hunkering down on the results of my critique and my probation builders. I'm not strict but I really want people to learn during this period as server standards are currently high, higher than when I started.

    So, that being said here are my expectations!
    I need 5 builds, preferably from a variety of projects. I completely respect that finding a place to build is difficult, let alone 5 different ones. However, if I critique 5 builds from the same style, it's not showing me much of your understanding of our server standards. I'm not saying you can't build in the same place, but they can't all count towards your final five (maybe 2).

    If a build is approved by the project lead I prefer not to accept it. Its nothing against you or anyone, but since more builders than not prefer to go in and adjust the mistakes and then approve it versus leaving melons of critique, they're not teaching you to learn from your mistakes.

    If some area doesn't seem open to building, ask around before getting started. Some areas will have glass borders overhead, these borders mean "Open to building" anything outside you shouldn't be building in yet.

    I want you to be following the style guides and other builds down to the details! While I respect personal building liberty, I want you to understand our thinking before you go in and start making more independent decisions on another's style. Does thismake sense? Until you have 5 approved builds, I really would wish that you look at the details of each build and try to strictly follow their stylistic approach. I really don't care much to see builds where there are a bunch of broad interpretations of the style. It's just to create good building/thinking habits!

    Interact with others, the more a part of the community you are, the better experience you'll have on the server!

    Ask questions.

    Build! Build lots! I love it when people just go crazy building. However, just because I don't critique all of them, doesn't mean you shouldn't go back and fix things you learned!

    Have fun! I know I may have scared you, with well, me (I'm may seem intimidating, but you'll soon realize I'm an extreme dumbass who tries to be smart but ends up communicating in piglatin) But really this server has made a huge impact on a lot of people's lives, and I would like it to have a positive one on you!

    Things to expect from me... Your leader. Who ... yeah. Me.

    If we aren't on at mutual times to critique, I leave Melons and a forum post. However, it is much more beneficial to talk in game so I can teach you my wisdom and ways. The interaction allows for easy communication is all, and I canprovide demonstrations aswell.

    Do as I say not as I do. Please... pleasedon't follow in my footsteps of terrible building.

    I will try my best to get back to you in a reasonable time. However I’m a builder too and I enjoy getting on to build so please understand if I do not always critique you when you wish.

    If there is anything you need from me. Lemme know! If you feel I'm not teaching you enough or showing you enough then I'm failing you. Let me know if I am. I'm trying to take this seriously
    Good luck out there again, sorry for the long post! I tend to over explain myself...[/QUOTE]
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    Thanks Otty now I finally have someone looking through all of the builds so far I have 9 I have “finished” only about three or four are done but the others still need critiquing I really enjoy building in different places so the five is already done but I am still building just today I built two houses and did and interior/exterior build
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    Probation 10- /warp HolyHallbridge

    (-4500/ 36/ 17481)
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    Probation 11- / warp holyhall

    (-4893/ 48/ 18044)
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    Probation 12- /warp wh

    (2252/ 47/ -2018)
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    Probation 13- /warp wh

    (2245/ 34/ -2001)

    [Small Fish Market]
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    Probation 14- /warp holyhall

    (-4891/ 48/ 18043)
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    Probation 15- /warp holyhall

    (-5018/ 51/ 17585)