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    My first house is a low class house at /warp bandavassel2. The coordinates are XYZ:-9302.531/53.5/20554.510

  2. Hello Winter_Crow!
    I will be your probation leader for the upcoming house during which you have the build atleast 5 houses!
  3. First house:
    we went through some of it ingame, the remaining issues can be found here:
    - the gradient needs a small fixing up (we talked about this in game)
    - wines grow from the ground up, not the other way around
    - please do not use plowed soil for small veggie patches, use mud,dirt,gravel instead
    - for the clothes line, the supports should be the same thickness and block type - refer to the one i made above it
    - do not have grain outside exposed to the vermin and the elements, make sure its stored somewhere where rats cant get it
    - avoid using excessive amounts of storage blocks, please remove some (the crate and the grain in the garden, relocate the grain to the elevated sleeping area by replacing the sacks and baskets with it)
    - your table has 6 legs, make it have 4 by using slabs for the middle part
    - use cabinet blocks only for upper classes, they contain precious iron and are fancy, use bench drawers instead (i think the cabinet block can just go, it doesnt need to be relocated or replaced)
    - the candle is s slight fire-hazard, burning right under the wood

    Otherwise decent first build!
    make sure to check with Enah (the project leader) if he sees some additional issues with it, once you fix the things iItold you to fix!
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    Probation Build 2, workers residence
    /warp whshipyard
    Coordinates XYZ: 1793.771/47/-2822.522
    (It's the one right next to where the warp takes you)
    Thanks for the feedback.
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    I haven't been able to build and I will not be able to build for the next month or so as I am going away. Thought I'd just let you know.