Probation: phondi


Hey phondi, we worked on the stonemason together so great work there. Remember those tips!!!!!!!
For the house in musgood, the exterior looks good, nice gradient, the interiors are nice and simple, love that its not cluttered! The only nit picky thing I have there is the thatch carpet in the house. Put a full block under and around some of the carpet so it doesn't just look like 2 randomly placed carpet blocks. Makes it look fuller and more complete that way.
The yard that you have there are a couple of small things to address. First, the pile of dirt in the middle of the yard? I don't see a hole anywhere so it makes no sense why they just have a pile of dirt there. Secondly- get more creative with your veggie patches! /warp hg and /warp mallery have some beautiful examples of vegetable patches. Change the ground to mud, pine needles, fallen leaves, instead of just having dirt/gravel.


Prodation build 3#: fisher, /warp bfhf2
x:-6470 z:7508

Probation build 4#: farmer /warp ss
x:-1523 z:10871

Probation build 5# farmhand /warp whamlet1
x:-4197 z:-2991


probation build 6# farmer /warp ambrosetown2
x: -2683 z: 16981

probation build 7# farmer /warp ramsaysmill
x: 4612 z: -8847

probation build 8# tanner/furrier /warp norrey
x: 887 z: -15025

probation build 9# blacksmith /warp ramsaysmill
x: 4648 z: -8838

probation build 10# vagon owner /warp dfringfort
x: 6143 z: -7919

probation build 11# fishseller /warp ambrosetown2
x: -2684 z: 16993


We went over all of these builds in game. I noticed that with your veggies you're still tending to use the same ones. Try out new vegetables/herbs!!!!