Probation: Jeffjunior


Hi JJAiken,
I will take you you up.

Welcome to the team.

I will be your probation Leader. The aim of the probation period is to build 5 houses in different regional styles. You can build as many houses you want but the 5 are mandatory. It would also be good to see you do at least 1 profession as well, this being 1 of your 5.

I prefer to go through the houses in game and post the bullet points here on the forums. Or if we do not see each other in game at the same time this will be given in full feedback here on your probation post.

My time zone Is GMT. 00.00, Im from the uk, you will find me on most nights between 6pm to 1am
You can contact me via discord I normally have this open. my Discord is IMajic#0500

If there is anything you need help with, just ask!

When you post your builds here on the forums please post following information:

  1. Build number.
    Number them on the plot and in here when you post.
  2. /warp ****
  3. Coordinates xx/yy/zz

Here is some useful information.
  • You can find plots on the dyn map, via the menu.
  • You can also find plots at /warp build
  • To diversify your garden plants see /warp crops
  • When making houses with professions see /warp jobs
  • You can always ask people for help, someone will certainly answer.
  • I suggest you have the same name on forums as in-game (if you have two names, it can be changed here Name change ).
  • This here is the New Builders Guide

Some useful commands.

/back [warps back to your previous location]
/thru [allows you to go through walls]
/nv [Night Vision]
/list [lists the players online-useful to see ranks]
/seen [example- /seen Imajic -checks when I was last online]

I suggest you make a custom "tag" to distinguish your tag block from the rest. One or two blocks should do it.
Good luck with your builds and have fun.

Thanks Maj
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First Feedback

1st house @/warp HammerhalHamlet1

We Went over in game, Quite a lot of work for this house interiors/exteriors

Feedback to remember.

  • 1. We changed the house layout to accompany a larger family [due to the house being large] such as : a larger table, more storage instead of using bench blocks. The beds were fine and placed in good locations in the house.

  • 2. Use the space better in the house, think about where you place certain decor in the house such as table/ cupboards

  • 3. When a house has a ladder I would recommend using a wooden ladder than the rope ladders, this way its more practical and can be used to get to other higher out of place items/spaces such as as getting to a tall cupboard.

  • 4. Windows shouldn't be holes in the wall, use the window frames and arrow slit blocks - we have lots to choose from, you can use slab blocks on the top if its a 1x2 window with a wood carpet on the bottom if its fits in the style of the location.

  • 5. Carpets - make sure to keep them blobby then having them randomly used - you can use the full thatch blocks and thatch carpets : so its able to go under things like tables.

  • There are more melons I added. [3 of them]
  • also make sure all windows have shutters. This keeps the warmth in at nighttime.
  • check this plot - as now i see you have finished it. - look at the palette of the house - reach cobble has been used next to reach light stone which contrasts very badly I've left an example by the house.

    When you have amended these melons you can remove them and remove the palette I have left above.

2nd house @/warp blondymerton

Feedback to remember.

I have left melons on the plot for you to go back to
  1. When doing a daub and wattle pattern - please do not mix in Oak Brick frame [daub and wattle blocks] with the Oak Brown frame. This makes the daub and wattle house look messy as its a small low class house that should stick to one palette. The pallette itself isn't to bad but a bit bland - nothing wrong with it though.
    Maybe trying another larger daub and wattle house will help you learn to use correct patterns and more interesting ways of using them. I recommend you go look at New KL such as looking at /warp KL1 or /warp KL8 to see how patterns are used and what looks good.

  2. I reworked the yard because the yard was badly plotted being 4 blocks high and being very unlevelled - This is not your fault.
    But this was also a good opportunity to see what you can do when the land isn't flat. So using the Oak half slabs and wattle to kind of make levels works wonders for this and creates a unique yard. The yard is kind of the way we set things out keeping it ordered and neat.

  3. I have placed melons in the yard so id change the peat blocks to mud, as peat doesn't work here and mud would look better. Try not to use the same veggies in the yard - variation makes it better and as this is the reach, they would eat a various diet.

  4. I would recommend using a window on the back to break up the monotomous wall of daub blocks.- remember to give it a shutter - wattle can also be a type of shutter. The front could also use a window- allows daylight in and light kills bacteria and mould - also keeps house fresh. [also makes it look nicer]

  5. You have used a glass flagon - please Never use any glass items in low class houses , glass is very expensive and takes a good portion of time to make and is a highly crafted item that rich merchants and the high class/nobility could only afford. so change this up for our 'mug' block or 'pewter flagon' which is pottery which is more cheap to buy.

  6. The shelves are not supported and don't work to well, with that basket you can get rid of the jungle slab and use a oak wood shutter [then open it up] this creates a support under the basket, the basket has oak on the bottom so it looks like a shelf. I have put an example next to it. -delete the example once you have seen this.

  7. There are better spots for the drawers such as the 1x1 corner you get in a diagonal house, where the candle is you can put it there instead of the floating jungle slab shelf.

  8. There are 2 candles used in the house, I would use only 1 as they don't need 2 in a small house like this.
3rd house @/warp TheTor

Feedback to remember.

  1. Please study the style guide further.
    You have used the exterrior wall palette incorrectly. You have used Lannisport small stone when you should have used Arbor small stone. If your 'struggling', look at other 'approved houses only' around the place this will give you a good basis to build your own house.

    I have left this above the plot for you to look at.
  2. A few melons left inside the house. The house is much better laid out this time - so good job here, only a few small tweaks to change.
    Also the house has a good use of the window with the vertical shutter - well improved from your other 2 houses.

Final Comment and Note

So from your first houses I have noticed you need to Improve on your exterior palettes.

I would recommend checking at /warp Kl1 and /warp KL8 - seeing the use of stone houses and daub and wattle
houses will give you a good idea of how we implement a good gradual palette or a neat pattern for daub and wattle houses.

  • The feedback should get shorter as long as you take in and learn from each house and try to not replicate any issues.

  • Learning to build on the server Is mainly learning about all the blocks and what blocks can be used where. once this is nailed you can be more innovative and more imaginative with your builds.

  • If you don't understand anything or need to ask something, send me a message here on the forums or in discord
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Second Feedback

4th house @/warp sfhamlet1
Feedback to remember.

We Went over in game, Very little to change, I added a bit of vegetation to bring it alive, this helps with any house set in a rural area. If you go back and look at the other houses your one is more defined and cuter then the surrounding houses.

So try to start using bushes and plants around the front/back of you houses.
[unless your restricted or its a house in a city or town that is kept neat and tidy.]

5th house @warp KL23b
Feedback to remember.

We Went over in game, Very little to change.
3 minor tweaks [House has approval by the project leader of this district.]
I have left 3 melons

1st Melon.
Please make sure chimneys are above fireplaces and not to the side - never use this technique smoke rises. otherwise the smoke would come back into the house. fireplaces can behind if using certain designs.

2nd Melon
The use of the timber frame windows can work well for shelves in walls, only if there is a good backing like wood or stone / walls such as daub showing don't work well and id change this to cabinets. I would align the cabinets with the table, i think this would work nicely.

3rd Melon

  • Thirdly there is a cupboard by the stairs on the ground floor, this has the same issue as the 2nd issue.
  • I would bring this forward 1 closer to the stairs [there is space/ better use of the space as well]
  • Then give it a oak backing to hide the dark cobble wall behind - this dark cobble wall could have been used as a good backing for a fireplace - so keep in mind when planning your houses.
6th house @warp KL23b
Feedback to remember.

House is in progress.
  • I have left lots of melons with ideas and things id recommend changing

  • One thing I noticed was double stacking some of the blocks inside like the sour leaf block which I don't think works to well.
  • The exterior palette is good but base needs a look frame it more or just use a stone base and frame the 2nd line.
  • Overhangs needs changing, use of stairs sideways and or shutters - take a look around at other houses that have been approved to get some ideas. If your not sure, you can also test/try things out, Which I see you did with the gabble.
  • I think the gabble kind of doesn't work with the oak blocks, it contrasts with the current palette of northern woods/daub below.
  • Side overhang also feel wide and bulky, id make it smaller maybe try using northern wood halfdoors on the side of the windows.
  • The back has a kind of storage thing that I'm unsure about, what is the use for it, being 2 blocks high. I would just use fences then mixing it with the northern wood walls blocks for the support.
  • inside you have a shelf that isn't supported currently.
  • you could try out things like using red sand on top of a crate to make 'dried Tumeric' [as this build is a spicer]
Sorry if you are still working on this house or would have changed the things. I wanted to discuss the things and to give some ideas and advice on this house.

Final Comment and Note

Overall these houses are far better then your earlier houses.
Currently your building skills have improved and is at a good level right now, Just make sure not to repeat any mistakes.

Great Work so far, would be good to see you build at another location.
maybe in the Riverlands or North?
completely up to you though :)

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Hi jeff,
You have just over a week left of your probation. :)
Just wanted to check up on everything.
You have built 6 houses and built in 4 different regional styles.

I have a few plots [4] in my project right now, if you want to try out another style I will let you have one of them.
The plot is in the crackclaw style and is at /warp cavehf2
This style can be tricky as it is quite different to the other styles you have done so far.
I have a style guide above with examples which you can follow. There is 1 other house that is half built right now you can take a look at, there is also some other houses to take inspiration at /warp boggs1 which is also another good showcase of the style used here.

completely up to you though.

If not you could always build a few more houses to show me you require no/to little feedback on your houses. So we can finish off your probation and means you can be promoted to full builder.

Other choices you can build at would be :-
Ryamsport [might need to ask Elduwin]
Frosth2 [might need to ask Scubooty]
rlhamlet2 [might need to ask zoso]

any questions, just ask.


Hey Maj
I build alot more houses i just thoght i just have tp post 5 in the forum upsi.

/warp kl23b
3994 89 -866

/warp kl23b
3964 92 -859

/warp hhham4
-6188 89 -866

/warp Jeff
Special for Ryamsport

i will check out the building spots u told me cya ingame


No problem,
yeah doing the 5 houses in 5 regional styles is mandatory to pass probation anything more is just good practise.

Also your still in probation so you need to record everything you build. Just To make sure all your builds have been checked over before the end of your probation.

(im pretty sure that the projects leads have also gone over them)

- its just a final evaluation and to Record feedback here for Me and you,mods and other probation builders to look at.

I will check over the other buildings later on today.



Hey jeff,

We checked over the remaining houses in game and there were no errors as such.
Your probation month is now up and I think your houses are of a good standard. Some aesthetic changes but that comes with time, experimenting with things; overall great work though.

Im sure you will continue building houses and doing other special builds.

So I approve you as your probation leader, so next time you hop on just ask a mod to promote you to full builder.


As a full builder you have access to apply for things such as :-
  • A Large building that requires testing.
  • A Large complex.
  • An Immersion project.
  • A Holdfast mini project
  • A Hamlet mini project
  • A Sept/Septry

At the moment as a builder you can not lead

Leading a full project = requires you to have led a Hamlet and Holdfast/Septry.

Terrain projects = requires to have led at least 1 project and show sufficient world edit skills.
Leading a city district = requires to have led 1 project

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