Probation: Iiell


Here I'll post the coordinates for my probation builds.

I wasn't promoted to builder on the server so I can't start building yet. My Application was approved though and I am a builder on the forum.
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Hi liall,
From your application I liked your houses.
I will take you you up.

Welcome to the team.

I will be your probation Leader. The aim of the probation period is to build 5 houses in different regional styles. You can build as many houses you want but the 5 are mandatory. It would also be good to see you do at least 1 profession as well, this being 1 of your 5.

I prefer to go through the houses in game and post the bullet points here on the forums. Or if we do not see each other in game at the same time this will be given in full feedback here on your probation post.

My time zone Is GMT. 00.00, Im from the uk, you will find me on most nights between 6pm to 1am
You can contact me via discord I normally have this open. my Discord is IMajic#0500

If there is anything you need help with, just ask!

When you post your builds here on the forums please post following information:

  1. Build number.
    Number them on the plot and in here when you post.
  2. /warp ****
  3. Coordinates xx/yy/zz

Here is some useful information.
  • You can find plots on the dyn map, via the menu.
  • You can also find plots at /warp build
  • To diversify your garden plants see /warp crops
  • When making houses with professions see /warp jobs
  • You can always ask people for help, someone will certainly answer.
  • I suggest you have the same name on forums as in-game (if you have two names, it can be changed here Name change ).
  • This here is the New Builders Guide

Some useful commands.

/back [warps back to your previous location]
/thru [allows you to go through walls]
/nv [Night Vision]
/list [lists the players online-useful to see ranks]
/seen [example- /seen Imajic -checks when I was last online]

I suggest you make a custom "tag" to distinguish your tag block from the rest.
One or two blocks should do it.
Good luck with your builds and have fun.
I will check over your first house today.

thx maj
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My second house:
/warp kl27

My Tag is a blue concrete block with some redstone on it.


Just a note about the KL house, I didn't specify that the district is closed, so that's on me. However, you can still use your interior for your probation so I won't nuke it. No hard feelings, it's my mistake.

Good luck with your probation!

- Jake


First Feedback

1st house @/warp Cobb

We Went over in game, Quite a bit to changed for this house interiors/exteriors

Feedback to remember.

  • 1. We changed the house layout to divide the inside into a sleeping area and a living area.

  • 2. Use the space better in the house, think about where you place certain decor in the house such as tables/ cupboards.

  • 3. changed the raftings to fit the inside of the roof.

  • 4. remember to use thatch carpeting [under areas of comfort/ keeps floor warm] another word used for this was rushes

  • 5. we went through the yard and neatened it up with the veggie patches.
The walls of the house were done well.

reminder : we use jungle on corners/by windows to represent damp/ware in the wood walls = this being used on an oak wall pallette.
reminder : Use plants on grass blocks, like fern and flowers or if there is larger area of grass blocks you could add a bush.

2nd house @/warp kl27

We Went over in game, Quite a bit to change for this house interiors

  • 1. I showed Iiell some alternative rafting designs and showed him some vaulted ceilings that would fit better in a high class house.

  • 2. In high class houses the decor is of a higher standard and some blocks we use such as glass is allowed to be used, we also try to not use things
    that are found in low class houses such as thatch beds.

  • 3. changed the layout on the first floor, we used stone flooring as dirt is used in poor houses, = the term dirt poor might have been referenced
    for this.

  • 4. We used half doors to fill in the gaps used on winding stairs.
This was a very good effort as a high class house is a lot different to our general low class house/cottage.

- It would be good if we also went back to this plot together to tackle the upper floors.

The first floor is currently used for a storage room for the wine/kegs. I would maybe move this to the attic and have a winch around the back to carry these up to the top. Another way around this could be to change this and have a cellar beneath this house as its a high class wine merchant and they would be wealthy enough to afford a basement.

This would then give enough space to bring up the hight one, [on the first floor] to create a living space and a bedroom or two on the floor
above. [second floor]

3rd house @/warp bullock

We Went over in game, This house interiors was a lot better, the yard still needs polishing.

Feedback to remember.

  • 1. Remember to follow the style guide, I know the guide says you can do what you like, but having hanging thatch when the others on the guide do
    not have it is normally not allowed due to not following the style guide for the area. In this case it works, but you may need to go back and ask the
    project lead. For now we have left it but I would keep going back to see if a melon was left.

  • 2. Changed the rafters to fit the style guide as in the houses used there are rafters done in 1 style, this might have been what the project lead
    wanted, so please study the guide thoroughly before taking on a plot.

  • 3. Again we went through the yard and neatened it up with the veggie patches. feel free to add details like we used in this yard, I showed you a good
    way to do your yard is to plan it out with wool first. This way you can keep it neat and use the entire yards space efficiently.

  • 4. Also don't be afraid to add plants on the front/side of the house, the style guide asked if you could include this. the raspberry bush you added
    fits nicely.

    Melons left by the project lead to go back over

Final Note.

So your interiors are starting to improve and I can see you are trying out different things.
I have had no issues with your wall palette or exterior wall which is good = so keep this up.

Try to look at other yards of builders [try not to replicate or look at other probies yards/these could have things that are not done correctly / or mistakes made.] - which is fine, we are all learning. Other yards will use the entire yard might include some veggies you may have not seen or used before.

Also don't be scared to ask in chat for help or feedback on anything you have done. It's always good to get other peoples's perspective and this way you can get to chat with the community.

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