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EDMEISTERX1905 said:

House Foote

A lordly house in the Westerlands​

Resume : /warp hvtower2 /warp horpe (Second Horpe island)


House Foote is a noble house from the Westerlands. They blazon their arms with a copper dagger across a black chevron on white. No there is no correllation to feet on the sigil.
Footes are an ancient line, dating back to the days of the First Men.

House Foote's doings in ACoK:
The colors of the house are spotted by Arya Stark among Tywin Lannister's army as it leaves Harrenhal. Ser Philip Foote is awarded Nightsong after the Battle of the Blackwater, forming the cadet branch House Foote of Nightsong.

The only known Foote during the timeline of ASOIAF is Ser Philip Foote, and he is an old one-eyed knight of little note.

Location and Terraforming

The castle itself won't be far from the warp, this is the location I have chosen for it. And this is the plan of the Foote lands. Now, if you have warped to the location for it, you can see those eye-burning SP1 trees. I'll need an editor to get rid of them and replace them with some prettier trees. As for other terraforming, maybe shaping the spot a bit where the castle will be located at.

The Castle

For the castle, I will take inspiration from this Italian castle. The crennellations on the towers and colours is what I'm paying attention to the most from the inspirational image.

Now for the castle layout. Here's a mini model (ignore the weirwood) and here's the layout. Now, back to the weirwood. As the Footes are an ancient first men line, and have a bronze dagger on their sigil, I imagine they had some sort of priest-y connection to the Old Gods, as bronze daggers would be used for sacrificing, sorta like a sickle is in this scenario (ADWD spoiler)
"And now the lords Bran glimpsed were tall and hard, stern men in fur and chain mail. Some wore faces he remembered from the statues in the crypts, but they were gone before he could put a name to them. Then, as he watched, a bearded man forced a captive down onto his knees before the heart tree. A white-haired woman stepped toward them through a drift of dark red leaves, a bronze sickle in her hand." - ADwD

So I would have a weirwood stump with a small little altar-like thing. I would place the weirwood outside the castle, with a path leading to it and some crumpled old chest high walls around it.

Now for the castle itself. Here's the keep, and tower top to show the roof design. The stone palette is darkish at the bottom as to show that the castle is old. The belltower and feast hall will look more first men-ish than the other parts of the castle. And here's what wood I'll be using. Also, look at the wall design.

And here are the house tests. The first one is low class, and the second one is middle class. I don't think I'll have a high class house. The biggest village would be around 8 - 9 houses big with an inn. The other villages and the mines will be mini builds.

Check out all the designs and whatnot over at my plot, in /warp edmeister.
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