Approved Northern Reach Megabuild "Springhamshire" (Tumbleton, Risley, Smithyton)


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Will there be instances of wild meadows and plains? Jake has some by his rivers and it'd be nice to have some open areas of grass and flowers

Definetly on the northern end of Smithyton, to transition into the field of fire, i plan continue in the same style meadow as the FoF. Also around the spring of the Mander near tumbleton, and the "footly hill" will probably be mostly wild meadows, since i don't want too much forested areas.


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I found that "northern reach megabuild" may be a bit complicated for day-to-day use, so i came up with an easier name for the region :). From now on i want to call the megabuild:


This region serves as the source of the Mander, so it reflects in the name Springham :)


"Around Smithyton: A few mines, and predominately "smithy" related industries"

Hey, I am happy that I saw where someone used some of my wheel and pulley mechanisms for inspiration on some mining-related builds near Smithyton monastery and wanted to suggest a water-powered trip hammer build somewhere on the river near there. I don't know if we already have one built on Westeros, but I do believe there were some commonalities of it in medieval times. I think it would be a great and interesting build to have on the river in that area of the metal industry.



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A lot has been happening in the humble county of Springhamshire..

Risley Glade:

  • The castle is about 80% done: I need to finish the gradient, interiors and yard.
  • Risley town has been plotted and a lot of the facades are done. A lot of things left to do still though, so take a look!
  • Risley Manor: Unfortunately i did not go for any of the tests submitted. Altough none of them were bad, they all missed the desired look, so i rather compiled a lot of the elements into a new design myself.
  • The village of Aberfield was completed!
  • The village of Dereham still has a few plots open, but already looks beautiful.
  • Theres a new Manor and hamlet just east of the castle (no name yet `/warp risley1`). Plots open!
  • A new village Pennywine has been founded. Adjacent to a huge wine production, it has a lot of open plots to offer.


  • I started updating the houses in the town, keeping it as true to original as was possible to me. The town is gonna be a passion project that will keep on going right til the end.
  • I made a test to update the Motherhouse east of the town. Check it out! and if you think you can make a better test, go for it!
  • The knight of Ashbrook built a nice wooden holdfast in the midst of the northern forest.
  • Downstream, on the big Mander branch, theres a big Sawmill belonging to lord Ashwood.


  • The northside of the town has ascended, as the kids like to say. Extensive replotting of that half of the town will be following, to better represent the scarcity of the town.
  • The Tumbleton Septry has received an overhaul. Keeping the old sept itself, the complex around it now is much more intricate and better integrted into the town center.
  • The villages Merkley, Buckley and Statham around the town are pretty much completed, with some additional farmsteads sprinkled inbetween.
  • Merkley's Holdfast is done, and a vineyard surrounding it is following.
  • A new village called Sweetsong has been plotted on the Mander, south of the castle Footly. Plots open!
  • The Pennybridge and a small village, that lives off the toll of crossing it, has been built over the Mander, between Footly and Pennywine. Plots open!
  • Footly castle was once completed, but since already replaced with a new design. So todo now, are all of the interiors, exteriors and gradients. Exciting :)
this is a mega mini thread that contains 6 minis in smithyton.

Since I'm already working on building the largest mine, I'll plan the others as well.
In the near future I will plan more plottings and structures on the marked positions.
I am happy about every builder or probie who wants to contribute something.

All workshops are owned and operated by House Shermer of Smithyton.
The mines extract ores and stone from underground mining, the charcoal burners produce the coal for the extraction process and a large number of metal processing companies work with it.
The workers live on each complex for the duration of their assignment.
Foremen and supervisors ensure work planning and smooth work.
The site is surrounded by watchtowers to prevent looters and robbers.



1. Kirfoldmine BIG: IRON / STONE
The biggest Complex and Mine with various working and living areas.
Its the first one who has some big WIP.
The iron is processed there directly for further processing. The stone is prepared as needed for various purposes and is also used for Smithyton itself.

2. Kirfoldmine SMALL: IRON / COPPER
A smaller growing complex with a mine that mines and processes the ores directly.

3. Abandoned Kirfoldmine:

An abandoned old mine, collapsed and sealed with wood. You can go down and explore a little. Most collapsed or boarded up. There will be some remains of the old workers' huts.

4. Ashwoodmine: SILVER / TINN
A medium-sized complex that takes the mined ores directly to the Big-Smith Hall due to the value. There they are cast into bars, traded and sold to other metalworkers

5. Big Smith Hall:
A metal processing hall with storage and administration of the surrounding complexes. All products are collected and delivered there, whether processed or not.
In the great hall the iron is formed into all kinds of uses and industrial tools.
The more precious metals such as silver and tin are melted down and traded there or sold to metalworking companies in the region.

6. Coal Camp:
Coal is an important part of metal extraction and blacksmithing. Large quantities are required.
Excess coal is traded towards Footly/Tumbleton.


In addition to the mining and processing of metals on a large scale, I could also imagine many smaller metal-craft businesses.
Silversmith, Jeweler, Armorer, Swordmaker, etc etc.
But that's not what this thread is about.

If you have inspiration, ideas or anything to contribute, feel free to message me on Discord.


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After more than a year, i thought an update might be in order :D

Risley Glade:
  • The castle still misses a yard and I want to further work on the interiors. Not a priority at this point though.
  • Risley Town still misses some interiors, detailing and yards.
  • Risley Manor is done.
  • Dereham is done.
  • New hamlets are planned (see map).
  • Pennywine misses some yards and a new Winery complex (WIP) has been added.

  • Still slowly updating the houses in the town
  • Final shape for the motherhouse east of the town is set, just needs interiors. The septas’ lands among other things, will have quite big lavender fields near the sept.
  • Mines! There are two new Mines in the county; Kirfold Mines (iron and copper) to the north of Smithyton and a silver/tin mine near the motherhouse in the east.
  • Also a charcoal making camp at the edge of the Ashbrook forest, on the road towards Tumbleton
  • Both the mines and the charcoal camp are a (mega-)mini project lead by Die Wursttheke
  • The border with House Girdle (The Ring) to the north was moved in favour of the Ring. To make more space for a possible Update of the neighboring project. If it happens that the project isn’t being tackled by the time my project ends, I’m gonna make sure the newly free land is filled anyway.

  • Not much has happened in the town, the focus has shifted to other parts of the Megaproject for now.
  • The lands between the southern villages of Tumbleton up to the Southern project border have been filled with fields and meadows.

I had some spare time and instead of wasting away hours staring at my builds, i thought i would do some planning. I grabbed a screenshot from the livemap and started doing a simple map. I found it helps figuring out how to fill the huge space and how everything flows from a stylistic point of view. More details will be added as the project goes, not everything is set yet. But i like how it looks and it serves as a way to visualize my goals :)

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Hey all,

This is my application for the Ashbrook lumber camp/hamlet. It is only a outline right now but the red houses are lumberjacks, the yellow are hunters and the orange is a blacksmith. I don't know if the hamlet should be larger or smaller so feedback is welcomed.

Walrus :)

Also, Luk that map is beautiful.


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Donkey Lord
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There's a better way to angle those plot. currently the central red lumberjack plot is a parallelogram rather than a rectangle.
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Hey Walrus,

thanks for applying and preparing the plotting! I have to second the feedback by Aeks, try to make the angles fit better together, so the corners look more like 90 degree angles. Also, i would just remove the red plot right in the middle to make room for a well and maybe some place to do lumberjacking business :)

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Hey Luk and Aeks,

Really appreciate the feedback, I reworked the layout a lot. Let me know what you think of this plan.

Also thank you so much Aeks for the signs on my plot, that really helped.

Thanks, Walrus : )


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