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House Mallery
by Dragons

High Hermitage
Red Keep
Every post-TXI version of Horn Hill :p
Random stuff at Highgarden
A lot of other stuff all around Westeros

Mallery is an abandoned project previously lead by my friend Bluetiger, who has given me
his blessing for taking it over.


House Mallery is a noble house from the Crownlands. Its lord, Lothar Mallery, has drowned at the Battle at the Mummer's Ford, after previously being sent by Lord Eddard Stark to hunt down Ser Gregor Clegane along with Beric Dondarrion


I'm going to keep the main concept of the project's lands, which consists of a lot of fields, pastures and forests and a castle by the lake. However, there will be no main village - only scarce hamlets here and there along the main roads, but also smaller industries such as woodcutting, brick-making, fishing etc.


The castle is staying fairly similar in concept. I'll be removing the rocky hill on the lake and making it flatter for the castle to sit on. A big and mostly empty outer bailey surrounded by low curtain walls will surround a hill with the main keep on the top. The castle's direct contact with the lake will serve as a source of food for both the smallfolk and the nobles living within the walls. A fortified causeway will cross the lake near the point where a nearby small river connects to the lake, collecting the toll from all the roads north of Mallery.

Inspiration - Trim Castle and Kenilworth Castle







The houses will be in the signature Crownlands style that can be seen at the KL sprawl, Stokeworth, Rosby etc.

However, as Mallery is surrounded by 3 dun-style (Duskendale, Gaunt & Stokeworth) and 3 grey stone projects (Cressey, the Antlers, Thorne), I'm going to make the project a transitional area, with some of the houses closer to the dun neighbours using dun bricks for the foundations, and others using grey stone.


I want to thank Wolf for all the past and future help with the project and Majic for giving me feedback and ideas throughout the testing process.

That's all, thank you for reading!




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Cersei's Left Bob
Update #1:

The first day went great, so many things are done and underway.
- all roads are layed out (although some are way too curvy and are gonna get straightened out tomorrow)
- all forests have been layed out
- the castle area (lake, pond & moat) has been fully realized and terraformed (thanks to HUGE amount of help from Iwan, thank you so much!)
-the castle's curtain walls have been built, only interiors of the towers and the gates and the gradient are remaining (thanks to Ammika and Dork for helping with the boring manual work!)

In the next few days, the following segments of the project will be worked on:
- straightening the roads
- removing some of the bridges and relocating all the trade to north of the castle
- laying out the hamlets and houses in the southern part of the project
- laying out fields and pastures around those structures
- construction of the castle's main keep and outbuildings


Cersei's Left Bob
Update #2
Started working on the project more again, here's what's been done since the last update:
1) MalleryHf1 is nearing completion
2) The castle is almost done as well. I'll be adding finishing touches to the area around it
3) Solved some of the border problems with Starcat, the leader of the nearby Antlers, all good now
4) The forests are progressing very quickly thanks to Endy


Cersei's Left Bob
With Mallery nearing its completion, I'm proposing the adoption of the neighbouring project of Thorne. It's a disgrace to the newer and up-to-date Crownlands projects. The style of the houses and the palettes for the castle would be the same as Mallery's, with the general layout of the lands staying the same, with some changes, such as relocating the castle, adding a forest... This is meant to be a side project for several people - as there are already volunteers for helping, it shouldn't take a long time to complete the task.
I'll provide a more detailed map if needed, although I don't think it's necessary because the lands are quite small and there's not much space to fuck up.
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I very much hope you wouldn't do too much alteration to Thorne if it was allowed to be changed. Most of it isn't bad, just needs a good update to the houses and castle. I think the castle's palette should def stay as a reminder and honestly it's not that bad for most of it. Though, the circles of daub up top should go lol


I very much hope you wouldn't do too much alteration to Thorne if it was allowed to be changed. Most of it isn't bad, just needs a good update to the houses and castle. I think the castle's palette should def stay as a reminder and honestly it's not that bad for most of it. Though, the circles of daub up top should go lol

I disagree.

The palette is not so different from Mallery, but not as neatly done (salt and peppery mix of dark cobble and dark bricks on bottom, random mix of stone, cobble and small bricks above - looks very grainy). Definitely needs an update.
The Mallery forests are a huge update and I'm sure endy could redo the Thorne ones in no time.
The field layouts are weird. Somehow we assigned almost circular shapes to builds for some time and ended up with lots of weirdly round projects. They can and should transition with their neighbours more seamlessly.
The houses are very rich in details, especially logs and lumpy rooves. They could use some simplification to resemble a style more akin to those used at Harte, Mallery and Stokeworth.

All in all, Thorne is a good project, but it's very apparent that the project dates back to the early days of KL(3). It requires a substantial update to fit into the area, considering its immediate neighbours as well as the Duskendale area. We could postpone that update till we get closer to starting Duskendale, but I expect Dragons and Endy to take care of this in no time if we let them have a go at it now.


"Disgrace" is harsh, although I do agree it needs an update. I was actually planning on doing it myself and started creating a quick redo style (removing the logs, fixing the castle gradient, removing that ugly tower, etc.) well over a year ago. I also never liked the fields (I didn't do them myself). Unfortunately, I won't ever have the free time to do it myself now.

That was my first project though, and although it's long out of date I like it and it would be pretty upsetting if it were changed significantly. I just really want it to remain somewhat recognisable (the town and castle i mean; the fields can be nuked).

As an aside though, the reason i didn't get around to redoing it a year ago was because it seemed like a waste of time. There are so many places on the map that haven't been started yet, surely those are more of a priority...
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Cersei's Left Bob
Update #3

I suppose this is the last update as Mallery is nearing completion, with houses and some random stuff around the lands and castle left to complete. I've decided not to pursue a Thorne update out of respect for Jakey. Hopefully I'll finish this quickly and relocate myself further south, away from this boring flatland.
Expect Mallery to be open for builders in the next few days!
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