Immersion Project Application: Barrowlands-Rills


Given the close similarity of your Moor tests to the ones at Ashwood, you might consider using the same set up, I think Cash managed to automate most of the steps with a script. In any case here is a step by step guide:
( you might want to consider replacing the simplex with perlin)


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i mentioned in the app that the village would belong to the Dustins or the Ryswells, and given the fact that the Dustins are more powerful I've chosen to make this a Dustin Vassal


Hey Jake

Nice to see there are more people who are interested in doing an immersion in The Rills / Barrowlands. First of all, it's always handy for mods that you include a map, showing the borders of the immersion and its location on the map, that is a bit more zoomed-out. The terraforming test for the app looks nice. I love the inclusion of moors. The sprawling open landscapes really suit it. I personally wouldn't do cliffy beaches here and use sand dunes or pebble beaches instead, since non of the terraforming in the immediate region uses cliffs. For the houses, I would lean a little closer to The Rills style and add more cobble to the stone gradient.

I do have a couple of issues with the planning as it stands right now. I think you are underestimating the size of this immersion. This immersion is at least four times the size of Beresford, which already was a very big immersion. The planning also doesn't seem to be tailored to the size of the lands. To put this in perspective the hamlet you drew to the south spreads across an area bigger than White Harbor and most of its immediate sprawl. I am definitely for adding more northern villages, but the current planned position would hinder the development from The Rills/ House Ryswell. If a village would exist there it would most definitely be on the other side of the river near the castle of the lord. Adding another village that close-by would make it too dense and compact in my opinion. I would drastically downscale the immersion and try to plan it out with more consideration of the influences nearby projects might have on your immersion.

Lastly, you have shown to be ever-enthusiastic and excited to contribute more to the server. We applaud this and love that you are so engaged with moving the server forward, but are also a bit concerned you might spread yourself too thin. You currently have submitted applications for Stonecrab cay, The Rills-Barrowlands, a King's Landing District (and are planning for a major septry near Maidenpool). These are all heavy engagements and we would advise you to please prioritise one above the others.

We will try to convey this in a more formal ruling for the entire community very soon to bring more clarity on the limits of combining immersion and sub-projects like a city district. Adding new forms of projects will inevitably leave grey areas that need to be cleared up. We are aware that there are currently members that have combined both, I included. We will keep this in mind.


thanks for the reply. after consideration i’ll reapply for this later on. i dropped the maiden pool septry awhile ago now when i went on a break