Gealrüable Builder Application


What is your Minecraft username?

What is your age?

In what country are you living?

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?
From a friend

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
The Boltons
also the worldbuilding, intriguing characters, magic system, tyrion and davos in the books
and obviously GoT Season 8

What is your favorite build on our server?
difficult question...mostly all of the new ones
specifically i like builds of the new vale or reach style like hardyng or lordhewettstown. Also stormlands and dorne.

Why do you want to join our server?
I like building medieval and this server does this wonderfully. So far I have been building a small medieval town with my brothers, in vanilla with the conquest resource pack.
Long term goal is to build the Höhenburg Hocheppan somewhere in the Vale or the Stormlands and the Alhambra somewhere in Dorne. Gotta dream big :)


Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing, Jon Slow!


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To bump it up a bit, so all world may see my wonderful application, I give you now a merry little poem, by one of the greatest minds of our age:

Ho! Ho! Ho! to the bottle I go
To heal my heart and drown my woe.
Rain may fall and wind may blow,
And many miles be still to go,
But under a tall tree I will lie,
And let the clouds go sailing by.


The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey Gealrüable,

Sorry about the longer-than-normal wait - I've been out of commission last week due to IRL deadlines. Will still be pretty busy this week but have a little more time now.

Nice work with the apphouse! Not really seeing any issues with it. Hope the exercise was helpful for learning our server's building style. For subsequent challenge builds, you'll be expected to build original houses of your own design, in the style of specific locations on our server. However, I recommend thinking of it similarly to the application house - except now, instead of simply replicating a house, you should try to replicate particular elements of multiple houses, and synthesize them into an original creation. After each one I'll give some feedback.

For the first challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp tortown. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!
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Dont worry about the late answer, I'm quite busy myself during the week.
I've built a middle class house of a potter in the style of the Tor town. He makes and grows pots.
I quite like building for Dorne, so this was great fun.
Would it be possible to build something for Tumbleton next?
Have a nice week.


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More to gawk at :)


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The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey Gealruable,

Great work with this house! Overall you pulled off the Tor style well, and the house has good proportions. Here's some of the feedback I have:

- The main thing that needs work with the exteriors is the gradients. First, when using plaster blocks, you don't want it to be overly noisy or randomized. Instead, you want to have one large, fully connected surface of plaster, with only some stone blocks on the edges to show where the plaster is chipping away. Likewise, with stone blocks, you don't want to mix together different blocks randomly. Instead, try to have a smooth gradient from one texture/color/brightness to another, making sure to only have two blocks next to each other if they don't contrast badly. Overall, I count 4 different stone blocks used in addition to the plaster. For a house this size, you probably just want to use a palette with 2 different stone blocks plus the plaster; otherwise it'll be too busy. There's a nice tutorial on how to do gradients at /warp gradients; I can also try to make some examples if you're unsure about what I mean.

- For the stall in front of the house, you should probably use oak/jungle wood for the fence supports, so it doesn't contrast as harshly with the piston extensions.

- The interiors look good overall! My only feedback there is that you should probably change up the rafters here so it doesn't leave a gap above the half door wall. You should be able to do this by just playing around with corner stairs.

You may indeed make something at Tumbleton for the next challenge build. Specifically, let's aim for a middle-class house with a sizeable yard. Let me know if you have any questions; good luck!
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Thanks for the feedback.
I finished the build: middle class house of a baker, built on the ruins of a house burned during the dance. Front facing a square, flanked to the left by another house, to the right some sort of street. At the back an entrance for supplies, a yard with a little chicken coop, small hut for firewood, a place for washing clothes and some crops.
I kept some ruins in the wall surrounding the back yard, as tumbleton is still quite small and stone from the ruins would be abundant.
I had a good time building this, looking forward to the next.
Have a nice week.


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The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey Gael,

Excellent job on this one! I commend you for trying a very adventurous plot shape and pulling it off, all things considered, quite well. This facade in particular looks fantastic.

However, I think the overall shape is a bit too eclectic; the sudden transition to 45-degrees makes the house look very odd from the sides. Generally you want the main dimensions of the house to be linear, and steer away from organic or curved shapes. Also, I'd suggest steering clear of 45 degree angles in general. Though some of the more experimental builders on our server make 45 degree houses and sometimes pull them off well, it just looks chaotic in most cases.

Some other nitpicky feedback that I have:

- The gradient is too salt-and-peppery, particularly the harsh contrast between dark cobble and river cobble. I suggest using the smooth small stone brick block instead of dark cobble.

- The materials on the sides of the house, where there's just a single horizontal strip of each material, looks a bit strange. I'd probably just nix the brick timber frame blocks from the palette and replace them with the brown daub ones.

- I'd just use plain oak plank wall blocks for all of the interior supports; the panelling versions feel too ornate.

- The yard looks nice! Though the shape of that also feels a bit too "organic" rather than linear. When making yards, you should try to stick with linear/polygonal borders and follow the shape of adjacent houses and roads.

For a tentative final challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp fairmarket (I think you'll find it's similar to tumbleton in some respects, but also has its own unique challenges :) ). Let me know if you have any questions on the feedback I gave above. Good luck!
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