Fire and Blood Season in Westeroscraft - Battle in the Stepstones

How should we proceed with Round 2?

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Shiver me timbers, the time has come!!


The Stepstones​

(Or rather a colourful peek of what is to come)

Now, with the battle in Ep 3 of House of the Dragon, and the rather exciting (for me it was meh, idk about the others) battle in the Stepstones, or the possibilty of other events taking place there in future episodes, it is high time, that the appropriate event takes place!!

So, with a joyfull spirit, I wish to announce the event that shall be taking place at

Saturday 17, at 7 pm GMT!!

SO, heres the activities that will take place:
  • Building Contest. Build your own little pirate boat sailing towards the bay, with an added personal touch. The ship with the most votes shall win the prize!!
  • Race. Pirates have been sighted by the easternmost watchtower in the lands of House Tolland. Yet, the beacon system, that was made to warn Ghosthill castle of imminent pirate threads lies in peril!! It is your task as a Dornish guardsman, to ride to ghosthill to warn Lady Tolland!! Taly Ho!
  • 1v1 PvP battle. In the grounds of the ancient palatial temple, in Bloodstone, which has now been overtaken by pirates, a bloodied contest has been enacted. Slaves, shall fight one another in gladiatorial combat, for the recreation of the Pirate King and his guests. Who among them shall prevail, and be rewarded the greatest of prizes??
  • The Sea Battle. In the waters between the Islands of Bloodstone and Grey Gallows, the fleet of the Seasnake, Lord Corlys Velaryon, accompanied by Prince Daemon, fights the combined Triarchy Force headed by the Myrish Prince Admiral Craghas Drahar, from his mighty flagship. Join the battle as either a Velaryon Man at Arms, or a Triarchy Soldier and try and reach the flagship of the oposing side and grab the token of your victory, while at the same time fighting the enemy!! Now you might ask, how are you expected to reach your destination? Easy, you shall hop from warship to warship, galley to galley, using the remains of sinking ships all around you, from planks to remains of masts and even the burning hulks of sinking merchant ships, that shall dot the watery Arena!!

Thats about it, more or less! :D

See you at the event.

-The Pirate King, Ant
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Alright! Time for Round 2!

As, senior Azulejo stated, in his own post, there's gonna be a rerun of the Stepstones Event, so that people that weren't participants in the oroginal event, to be given the chance to participate once more!!

One, question remains, which myself I cant answer, so I will put it to a vote.
Shall we proceed, only with the final activity of the parkour/seabattle, or would it be better, for all the activities (the
Pirate ship contest, the Warning Race, and the 1v1) to be done again?

You may answer, in the pol above!