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I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to put this. I love the server and appreciate all of your amazing attention to detail and obvious effort. I have been re-reading the books and following along on the server (which makes the builds even more impressive), and wanted to note some potential small discrepancies between the book description and the build. Obviously these didn't affect my enjoyment, but I figured maybe you'd want to know for next time the KL build is being updated or something.

These are all from book 1, so they are not 'spoilers':
  • On Page 165, the book describes Littlefinger's secret exit from the Red Keep. It's pretty awesome in the build and I was impressed that I could find it based on the book description alone. The only thing I noticed was that the book says the exit leads to the river, which is on the South edge of the Red Keep (which makes sense because it is used to get to the brothel in the SE corner of KL). However, the build has the exit cross a long way over to the bay side (on the Eastern edge). Shouldn't it exit to the South instead? The entrance to the secret exit is in the SW corner of the Red Keep, so perhaps it wouldn't be too difficult to have the hallway lead south to the river side?

  • On Page 286, when Arya is running away from the Lannister Guards by climbing into the room of a scrubber woman, it says that Arya "hopped up, brushed the rushes off her clothes, and was off again, out the door and along the long hall, down the stair, across the hidden courtyard, around a corner and over a wall and through a low narrow window into a pitch-dark cellar." All of this is perfect in the build, except the scrubber woman's room doesn't have a door (it opens directly into the long hall).

  • On Page 290, when Arya finally makes it to the bottom of the long stairs, it says that "She found herself standing at the mouth of a sewer where it emptied into the river. . . . She was miles away from the castle." In the build the sewers at the base of the long stair that you get to if you follow the book description dump out north into the bay by the Dragon Gate, and dump out pretty close to the Red Keep. The way the book describes it, it seems to me like it would dump out somewhere on the Southern edge of the Keep, or even a little bit west along the shore of the river (to be 'miles' away).
Thank you all so much for all your efforts. I think the build is spectacular.


Cersei's Left Bob
While I fixed the washerwoman doorway, I'm unsure about the LF exit - the chapter in which the page you provided us is only mentions a postern gate somewhere on the city side, leading to the tower of coin. We have two postern gates on each side of the main gate, both similarly close to the tower.
Thanks! On Page 165, I am referring to the following language (which begins on page 164, with Ned leaving the small council chamber):

"He crossed the outer yard, passed under a portcullis into the inner bailey, and was walking toward what he thought was the Tower of the Hand when Littlefinger appeared in front of him. "You're going the wrong way, Stark. Come with me.""

"Hesitantly, Ned followed. Littlefinger led him into a tower, down a stair, across a small sunken courtyard, and along a deserted corridor where empty suits of armor stood sentinel along the walls. They were relics of the Targaryens, black steel with dragon scales cresting their helms, now dusty and forgotten."

. . .

"At the foot of the steps was a heavy door of oak and iron. Petyr Baelish lifted the crossbar and gestured Ned through. They stepped out into the ruddy glow of dusk, on a rocky bluff high above the river."

. . .

"Ned studied the rocky face of the bluff for a moment, then followed more slowly. The niches were there, as Littlefinger had promised, shallow cuts that would be invisible from below, unless you knew just where to look for them. The river was a long, dizzying distance below."

I was able to follow the description and find the abandoned hallway with the Targaryen armor that led to the secret exit door on the bluff (hidden behind the bushes). But the hallway led East to the bay rather than South to the river side. Thanks again.