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Youtube, a BdoubleO100 episode where he talked about exploring the server for inspiration in his series, Building with BdoubleO.

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars (is that Sci-Fi, or Fantasy, or both?).

Game of Thrones
Clash of Kings
Storm of Swords
Feast for Crows
Dance of Dragons

All of the above

My favourite aSoIaF character is without a doubt Prince Baelor 'Breakspear' Targaryen. He was a man with honour and died defending the future Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Ser Duncan the Tall, remembering the true role of a knight in protecting the innocent in total disregard to his own family whom he then fought against and died.

Not only did he distinguish himself in battle during the first Blackfyre Rebellion, but he was Hand of the King to his father and was all that could be hoped for in an heir. His sense of honour and justice was sound, he was open-handed and counselled leniency even against the Crown's enemies. If he had lived long enough to ascend the throne, he would have been an exceptional king.

I'm not sure if I'm at all unique in terms of building ability, but I do believe I have an eye for realistic detail. Ensuring that builds would hold up in the real world is obviously of great importance when working on the server and I feel that I'll have no problem in achieving this.

Although it isn't strictly build related, I do have a good knowledge of aSoIaF, and a fair grasp on the real historical allegories George R. R. Martin references throughout the series, which hopefully means I can lock into the builds I'm tasked with and really immerse myself in the details and setting they're in.

The idea that a group of people are creating one of my favourite fantasy worlds in one of my favourite games is truly mind-boggling for me, and one of the most exciting things Minecraft has made possible. I've been playing this game since around 2012/2013, and while I wouldn't profess to be a master builder, I feel that my skills are adequate enough that I can contribute to the work the team are doing and hopefully become a valued member of, from what I've seen, a hugely positive community.

In addition to this, I want to improve my skills. Learning about colour palettes, experimenting with ideas grounded in realism and bringing the world I see in my mind when I read aSoIaF are all things I hope to get better at with experience on the server.

Finally, I love aSoIaF, and building on the server will serve to increase my affection and, with any luck, will inspire more creativity in me.

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

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hey there dylan! you've spent your time doing the research and studying styles/building methods! this is super good! couple things

1 logs for the ceilings/floors is rather outdated, and we often don't use them in more recent builds

2 the thatch of the roof is too lumpy for my taste, flat clean lines is more typical in real examples.

3 daub pattern is a lil vibrant, BUT that could just be my dislike of most daub patterns lol

overall you've really got a good idea of the server! so, i gonna issues a series of challenges just to make sure you are up to snuff

please build for me a middle class town house in the style of fairmarket. any profession. good luck!
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Hey Enah! Thank you so much for the feedback :)

The Fairmarket style is one of my favourites on the server, its reminiscent of some of the streets I've seen in Belgium and Amsterdam. I've actually been building a town in this style in single player so it shouldn't take long for me to get back to you!
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Hello again,

Here's the link to my Fairmarket challenge album:
I decided to go with a spicer because I like the opportunity for making interesting uses of the organic items in Westerosblocks, not to mention I love Asian food! The sides of the house felt a little bare but I suppose that's to be expected when a few of these buildings are terraced together. I didn't add a yard or vegetable garden because I wanted to get this to you as quickly as possible, but if that's a problem I'd be happy to add one before moving on. Finally, I've included a screenshot of the Fairmarket style town that I mentioned building earlier; the palette is a little different, and I've used some of the new blocks (the Oldtown brick daub is fast becoming a favourite of mine) but I thought demonstrating my ability to tile these houses together was important!

Hope this is up to the server standards! :)
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Alright, this is really good, too. you don't have to include gardens, especially as the gardens can be a hassle, so you're fine.

so, here we go!

1 the house is really tall, even by Fairmarket standards, however, that's not a huge issues, sometimes I over scale houses XD

2 the daub pattern is a lil wonky with the way the walls work, BUT, it's not bad, in fact if it was a real house that'd be perfectly realistic for the daub. Sometimes daub patterns can feel too busy, you know? the upper portion of yours feels good, the middle, could be improved but it passes.

3 you did really good on the firewalls! now, some of the middle and high class houses in fm do have liek plastered walls on upper stories, but not all do, so that's fine as well

4 the interior of the shop i'm not too crazy for, especially the black floor and the rope hanging herbs. but this is a good start, and the effort to get used to our plant and herbs blocks is much appreciated :D

5 the dining/kitchen area is rather dark, could've put a window in that jettying bit, but looks pretty good, nice use of space overall

6 that attic space is almost useless, but would make a nice pigeon roost lol

this is a very good job, so, I'm personally satisifed with your skills, plus you will learn far, far more through your month long probation. so, congrats, you jsut lost all social contact with the outside world :D welcome to the team! please read and follow any directions in this thread

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