District 33B Update Application


Hey all! I have decided to contribute to Kl by making a district. Here's my app hope you all like it. :D

My Resume: HHHam3, SFHamlet1, House Cobb (Coop with InvertedWinger)

District Description: KL33B is along the Kl docks and next to district 36 a pretty nice and high class district.

Canon: As far as we know there is no new canon known for this section as its a part of a full district 'B' and is inconsequential.

Districts current state: The district has some poor stated house, but most are green and I wish to remove the strips of red.

Update plans: Overall I believe that this district does not need too much work to be updated as the area is mostly green. For the rows of green along the dock side I wish to remove these sheds as they are extremely outdated and look very clumsy and crammed.

Class: the class is mostly Low-Middle with NO high class builds.
- Here is my map, pallets and build guide/ tests.

RED: Heavy updates

ORANGE: Decent update

GREEN: Small updates


The green, orange and red markers above the pallets are indicators to what is most common etc. Not to what houses need being updated the most, sorry for the misunderstanding :) (I believe that is what you meant)
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The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey JJ,

Sorry for not responding; I think the feeling right now is that we need some time to review current districts, clarify some stylistic points, and formalize the guidelines for close-to-completion districts before jumping into opening more districts. I've been quite busy IRL, but should have more time to work on this soon. Let's revisit this in a few weeks.
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