Block Change Request: Glass; changes and additions


Request: Glass; changes and additions

Request Type: Change

Try to describe all current uses of the block you request to be changed. Do you foresee any issues/ problems that could result from changing the block?
I’d like to propose some changes and additions to our glass blocks.

We currently have a single type of glass, both in pane and full block versions, portraying a rather intricate and decorated pattern of glass in lead. I’d like to suggest to make this pattern more simple, in the form of plain diamond panes.

In addition to this, I’d like to ask for two more pane variants; round pane and rectangular pane. The introduction of different types of pane can help set regions apart as well as help to vary buildings and styles within a single project.

In order to introduce even more variation and in some cases meet canon descriptions, I’d like to request the introduction of glass in various hues, such as forest green, yellow and blue.

Glass in general
Since in most cases window blocks could entirely replace glass blocks, a decision can be made to limit the selection of glass blocks and to introduce a wider variety of window blocks with glass. I think this is a major step to take though, since it could outdate a number of builds (though doesn’t necessarily have to).

Here are pics.