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Request: Catacombs bone blocks

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We have many catacombs, crypts and other graves scattered around our map, but very few ways to represent actual bones. This has resulted in us repurposing blocks like White Harbor Cobble to represent stacks of bones, such as the network of catacombs and tunnels beneath the Dragon Pit. This is better than nothing, but it's not ideal.

I've taken a stab at two kinds of block, one that shows a pile of randomly scattered bones, the other with bones ordely lined up in a neat row.

I think the bone stack block would work best like the firewood/log blocks, where it can 4 sides and a front and back, and can be rotated in any direction. It would be great if both had the a compliment of slabs/stairs/walls as well (the bone pile probably doesn't need a wall though).

I've attached an overlay pack with my best attempt at the textures (appropriated westerlands alt and red mountains alt for the tests). Figuring out how to get the Bone Stack block to work like firewood was beyond me, so it only works in North/South direction atm.

Given we're in the process of updating KL, it seems like this would be a good chance to remaster the network of KL catacombs. Swapping out the placeholder blocks in the other crypt networks would be a fairly straight forward process too if we were so inclined.

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The Dark Lord Sauron
Is the version shown in the screenshots above the current texture, Cash? I think the shading might still need some adjustment (particularly the black shading in-between the bones in the ordered variant, which is a bit too dark). This seems like a reasonable addition that can be updated in existing catacombs/crypts though, so I'll move to in-progress.