Banefort Editing Needed


I know this is kinda hopeless but BF is in some serious need of terra. I do have WE and voxel powers however my laptop lacks the RAM to even run the game sometimes and using WE/voxel makes it worse. I have a laptop picked out I'm just waiting to find time to discuss and order it. I feel like this project has been dragging out for too long and I just want it finished :(

The entire coastline needs to be done- I would like it to be similar to the crag but a little more rocky. The river near the castle and the river near /banetown2 need to be painted and filled with water. I also have plans for a forest that will stretch from /bfhamlet1 to pretty much where the next lands meet.

Thank you fin, kor, and endy and any other editors that have helped even minutely. I can't express how grateful I am for the AMAZING terra you guys have done there!!!