In Progress Application Thread: House Varner Redo by Jakethesnake


Hi all! Just checking with the mods about putting a reasonably well-sized septry here, its on the border between Lyberr and Varner and Emot and I have already spoken in game and allowed me to take up the space marked by a lack of grass.


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Donkey Lord
I'm not a fan of a septry in that corner but agree that it should be used. There's a pretty big amount of faith locations in Varner, I thought so something secular would be nice. Could there perhaps be a landed knights house/farmstead (very poor nobles), or a falconry/hunting lodge? Or perhaps a stud for breeding and training destriers?


Nice work Guillard! I approve.

There are a few things left to do in Varner. We're here - the home stretch. I am opening up the remaining builds to be completed by anyone who wants them provided they ask me first and get my go ahead.

/warp violethall - interiors and detailing

/warp vfarmstead - the big house to the east of the warp needs to be finished off

/warp sapphoshire - a mill complex to the north and plots (do not require my go ahead)

/warp oakdale - farmstead mini (requires mod approval) and plots (do not require my go ahead)

/warp belleglen - farmer house interiors (do not require my go ahead)


Hi Jake, I finished the farmstead mini.
There are in total 4 buildings; the barn/storage area, small workshop that is also where the farmer does some butchering, a small house for the help and a large house for the main farmers family. I took inspiration for the main house of another build in Varner, but I diversified the exterior and interior, as well as added many differences.

I faced an issue that I addressed in the editors chat on discord which was that I couldn't place carrot crops on the farmland as it would disappear. I will let you know if its fixed or if the bug persists.

Let me know what you think and if there is room for improvement.
/warp Waltertheiii to see

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Hi Walter! Nice test. Here are my notes:

- Stick to more of an industrial feel (less separate buildings and more like a connected facility)
- Have some full stone buildings to make it look less like a hamlet and more like a farm
- The interiors could do with some work (no logs, fixing rafters)
- Currently the yard wall is very organic in shape - opt for a more rectangular form
- Make the slabs even on top of the wall
- The roof sloping needs to be more gradual as opposed to slab - stair try slab - full block - stair

Overall, the main house is good, the interiors upstairs feel a little cramped, but otherwise, no problems there. Work on implementing these points and I'll get back to you!

Good luck


It's done. I did it. I completed something :')

Yes, ladies, gents and everyone in between, Varner is complete and ready for post-approval. It's been a ride, and it is 1 day off being 2 years to the day I first applied for this project, so take that suckers, you can't say it took me 2 years to finish the project >:).

In all honesty, I'm very proud of this project, and I'm happy that I've created something I can take pride in. A massive thank you to everyone involved, I could not have done it without you all bringing your own ideas and innovations to my humble Reach build. Onwards to bigger and better things !

- Jake