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  1. geeberry

    WesterosCraft 1.12.2 Released!

    WesterosCraft has now officially upgraded to Minecraft version 1.12.2. With this upgrade comes several changes and additions to the server. Please report any bugs or feedback here: New plugins Ultimate Chat -...
  2. geeberry

    1.12.2 Bug Report Thread

    Hey yall With the 1.12.2 update to the server, there will inevitably be some bugs or issues we missed in testing. Please report them here Bug Fixed? Severity Notes Beds are all showing vanilla halfbeds Yes Medium Temp fix for now Spawn eggs work Yes High Builders can't change...
  3. geeberry

    Expected downtime for 1.12.2 transfer

    Hey folks, its finally that time - we are initiating the upgrade from 1.11 version of Minecraft to 1.12 this Wednesday around 6pm CST. Expect downtime to last at least 2 hours, possible more or less. With the upgrade, you will notice a few changes: We've installed a new plugin called called...
  4. geeberry

    Old forums temporarily reactivated

    Hey all - I was searching for some old WesterosCraft stuff and went back and reactivated our old Enjin site for the next 13 days, and figured long time builders might want to use the chance to find information/threads that may have been lost or for newer builders to check out the old site...
  5. geeberry

    Request for some pixel art

    Hey everyone. As we move forward with the project I'm redesigning some stuff, and designing some future stuff. I've made this shield logo as seen here: Buutttt I think it would look a lot cooler if it was pixel art instead of a smooth icon. I could always try and modify something found on...
  6. geeberry

    New website and future summer updates

    As you may have noticed, this week we launched a new look at The old website was full of dead links, outdated information, bugs on mobile and various browsers and it was overall just very difficult for new users to find what the server is, what we do, and how to explore...
  7. geeberry

    Site may break today - website transfer

    Hey everyone! We are switching to a new site architecture today so there may be some downtime. The server should be fine though. I will update here when everything is done!
  8. geeberry

    Website Refresh Feedback Thread

    Hey guys Because I'm a psycho whos never satisfied, I've coded another website design. But, this time I brought actual design and dev experience from my old job and I think its the best result yet for one of our sites. Working with designers though doesn't make me a designer though and I...
  9. geeberry

    Conquest/Siege game mode concept

    Hey dudes. Its been too long - I really want to start making real progress on a WesterosCraft themed PvP server. Something different and just as well crafted as our aesthetic. I think this concept/game mode would be really fun given the castles we could use for it. I'd like to keep at least...
  10. geeberry

    New Landing Page!

    Hey everyone We just launched a new landing page (! Its more modern, sleeker, sexier looking. My goal for it was to present what WesterosCraft was more simply and readily, with quick links to the important stuff (like the launcher, and applying to build). I'd be...
  11. geeberry

    WesterosCraft showing at the V&A Museum!

    Some exciting news - I am pleased to announce WesterosCraft will be part of an exhibition about video games at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London! The show launches September 8th, 2018. For more information, visit We may be planning some new...
  12. geeberry

    Absence for a few months!

    Hey guys - I've been not active for a few months and it will be a few months longer until I can devote more time to WC. I've been studying for school and recently got accepted. It lasts 3 months but I will have no time to devote to WC. I hope on the other end of school I can contribute more...
  13. geeberry

    Website trophy and achievement system

    Hey my dudes! With the new forum we have a plugin that allows you to earn and show off achievements you have made on the forums or by contributing to the server. The purpose of this topic is to maybe spitball some ideas with you guys to come up with a really cool rewards system. I want at...
  14. geeberry

    New project - Minecraft server sync with forums

    Wanted to use this topic to outline some feature requests for any coder who wants to help with this. I believe Xenforo is coded in PHP but I don't know much about this stuff. The gist of the plugin needs to basically sync ranks between forum and server. There are a few plug ins that do this...
  15. geeberry

    The Rookery - July 2017 Edition

    Welcome travelers! From the diligent masters of the (soon to be built) citadel comes the first edition of the rookery, although still a work in progress, it is sent out in hopes of reaching the farthest corners of the known world. Made available to Guests and Builders, Coders, Moderators and RPG...
  16. geeberry

    New website issue reporting thread

    Please post any issues and problems encountered with the new website here.
  17. geeberry

    Introducing the new website and forum system

    Hello and thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding in the move to this new community. There are a few reasons why we made the switch. Enjin was clunky, slow, expensive and just wasn't keeping up with our community needs in a number of ways. The new system, Xenforo, is hosted on...
  18. geeberry

    WesterosCraft Old Launcher (Java) [DELETED]

  19. geeberry

    Music Production Megathread

    With so many people interested in the development of custom made music, sound effects, and voices for the upcoming WesterosCraft RPG, I figured it best to make a centralized thread. We've already got a few contributors; Demodocus, Hal007, lemonbear. And I know many more are eager to help. That...
  20. geeberry

    Plugin Request - Chat Mod

    Something like this that could work for our server This would actually work but requires LiteLoader, wonder if theres a way to do without?