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  1. CashBanks

    Nightfort Server Build - Available Projects, Mini Applications and Updates.

    Dark Greetings from the Wall! With the release of the latest Resource Pack update (thank you Emote, Tham and Mike!), and all the variants of northern/icy northern cobble, snow and ice blocks it brought, I think we're due for another push to complete some more Nightfort minis. Here's what's...
  2. CashBanks

    Glad to hear you’re interested in contributing to the Nightfort! The Bathhouse has actually...

    Glad to hear you’re interested in contributing to the Nightfort! The Bathhouse has actually already been completed and added to the build, but feel free to test for the forge/armory or the kitchens, you’ll find details on all the available mini apps floating above /warp nightfort
  3. CashBanks

    Eaglz24 Builder Application

    Great work Eaglz! You're clearly up to task and we'd love to have you on the team (assuming you're not an ArdaCraft spy :P). Please make sure to read the New Builder guide here: The next step is to make a probation thread in the Probation Forum...
  4. CashBanks

    Westeroscraft 10 Year Anniversary

    Have updated the anniversary task list if anyone's interested in organising them (please do)
  5. CashBanks

    Eaglz24 Builder Application

    Hey Eaglz. Welcome back, great to see completed the challenge and you're still interested in contributing the server. Brilliant work with these Kingslanding builds. It's clear your training at AC has served you well! Both the blacksmith and gatehouse look great, there's really not a lot I'd...
  6. CashBanks

    Westeroscraft 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations Schedule

    First day of Reach Week went great! Shout put to Sir_Vinnie for building the Tourney Grounds and to Marg for hosting the festivities and everyone else who got involved and helped organize the events. We’re still in the very early days of the Anniversary celebrations, it would be great to...
  7. CashBanks

    Westeroscraft 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations Schedule

    Join us in celebrating TEN YEARS of WesterosCraft. Whether you're a current builder, a returning visitor or a retired veteran, we invite you to join the party. The celebrations will take place over SEVEN weeks - one week for each of the Seven Kingdoms. Each week's events will be be themed around...
  8. CashBanks

    "Better Grass" Discussion

    Better Grass looks better for screenshots, plus having dirt exposed on sides just doesn't make sense logically imo
  9. CashBanks

    NIghtfort Server Build - Gift Settlements

    Thanks for those notes Aeks. JJ I'm fine to approve this now, believe Aeks has also confirmed his approval as well if you'd like to make a start.
  10. CashBanks

    House Bolling by Homiesucc

    Hey Homiesucc. Thanks for the hard work putting this application together, it's always great to see an abandoned project get some attention (my first project was picking up Wull which had been abandoned too). I'm parsing through the document now and will take a look at the style guide and tests...
  11. CashBanks

    Block Change Request: Cultural and Climate Variants for Clotheslines

    Yeahh I did end up doing some more desaturated versions of the clothes. Wasn't sure if it was something we were really interested in pursuing seriously or not or what other variants to work on.
  12. CashBanks

    jvanhierden Builder Application

    Hi Jvanhierden, no problem glad to have you back and interested in completing the application. Yes please proceed with the White Harbor house, there are a handful of minor elements that reflect older styles but it's still distinctive and useful as a benchmark to see how you're progressing with...
  13. CashBanks

    Westeroscraft 10 Year Anniversary

    Extra points for how many sheep/cows you can lead back to the ship There's a donkey with high value loot lead back too
  14. CashBanks

    Westeroscraft 10 Year Anniversary

    We could have two copies of LHT: the combat zone, and then a backup that we copy/paste when resetting. Folks could strategise in the backup copy during the reset. We could hide creepers, skeletons in houses, and add nametags to create unique items with particular point values.
  15. CashBanks

    Westeroscraft 10 Year Anniversary

    We're creeping closer to the 13th so pushing to get some plans locked in. Link to anniversary discord: Server history museum is coming together at /warp museum If you have ideas for exhibits/layout just start plotting them out and we can make it all cohesive later...
  16. CashBanks

    Redo Application: Darkdell

    Indeed it appears Ubeka hasn't been online since 2018, so it sure looks abandoned to me!
  17. CashBanks

    Nightfort Server Build - Available Projects, Mini Applications and Updates.

    Yeah factoring in fortifications like that has been in the back of my mind. The tricky thing to balance is just the sheer age of the place, so many of those Dawn Age structures would have collapsed or otherwise been cannibalised for stone over the thousands of years of occupation. I'd certainly...
  18. CashBanks

    10 Year Anniversary Video

    Sure that'd be great if you'd like to try some ideas. Assuming that whatever video we go with will include a montage of locations, I'm hereby calling on anyone with shaders to try their hand at recording footage. I'd recommend trying out this smooth camera mod...
  19. CashBanks

    10 Year Anniversary Video

    Hi all, we've got just about a month before the 10 year anniversary kicks off, we're overdue for a big video show case. This MC Middle Earth 10 Year Anniversary video is great insp for the style and level of effort we should be aiming for. We've played around with some ideas for recreating...
  20. CashBanks

    Sulios Builder Application

    No problem Sulios, you did really well with these challenge builds so hoping to see you again soon. All the best with school!