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  1. Knight_Krawler

    In Progress Immersion Build: The Barkwood

    Good evening, Please see attached my application for The Barkwood immersion build. The immersion build will mainly consist of extending the current terraform and populating the forest with small settlements. Thank you for your consideration, Knight
  2. Knight_Krawler

    Redo Appeal: House Estermont of Greenstone

    I am appealing for Estermont to be exempted from the No-Redo Rule per clause 1(c) - Abandoned Build Clause. Estermont was initially built by Reygame approx 2014-2015, and was fostered by Otmis and Wazgamer in 2018. Since then the project has been left untouched. I understand that for the most...
  3. Knight_Krawler

    Completed House Upcliff by Booben, Ben and Jose*

  4. Knight_Krawler

    Abandoned Project Holyhall: Booben, Ben, Jose

    Regrettably, it comes with great sadness that I have decided to drop Holyhall. I just wanted to note that no progress has been made on the lands since Ben dropped the project approx 3 months ago