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  1. AerioOndos

    Hoarfrost Hill By Johan

    I think johan still is. There’s more forest and a few settlements being plotted so still more to go
  2. AerioOndos

    Probation: Jirik333

    The first house, with great help from Alex has one major error. the ground slopes. the ground should be even within the house unless specified not to be. you can still have everything underneath the loft there, it just will require the occupant of the house to stoop to get in I really liked the...
  3. AerioOndos

    Probation: Jirik333

    Alright, as the other Probbie leaders seem to be busy I will step in. Now, I've given you feedback before on the Norrey build and that really evidenced the amount of thought you put into each building so I am really looking forward to seeing what else you have produced and worked on. So you have...
  4. AerioOndos

    Castle Layout Project

    This might be easier with the new journeymap which has an interesting feature with cave layers. It would be good to test if one can see different floors within a structure using it and isolate them.
  5. AerioOndos

    Shadiversity Winterfell Build

    the current map is something like a 1:100 scale for terrain or something with buildings at 1:1
  6. AerioOndos

    List of all available projects

    I think we should perhaps keep the iron islands as they are until a point when several editors can redo terra in one massive go or until other regions are far more completed
  7. AerioOndos

    Project/update application: Norrey

    progress update now that the project has been running for 2 going on 3 months: -norreyham2 is complete -norreyham3 is almost complete, needs 1 more building and the training yard to be complete -javivs test for hf1 I really like and I am not sure if he needs to apply for it formally or I can...
  8. AerioOndos

    Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear

    Lemon, if someone can do the river and waterfall at Norrey, I can help with mountain WE. Examples of my most current work is the valley at warp norreyvillage. Some of it utilises the Worldpainter terrain. That should be a good display of my competency with WE/Voxel
  9. AerioOndos

    Project Application: Stoney Sept

    of course
  10. AerioOndos

    Unable to message people.

    Its a plague!
  11. AerioOndos

    Project/update application: Norrey

    I still have 2 minis open for application; A forest woodcarving hermit (near Norreyham3) who lives near a stand of 3 weirwoods, carving the trees around them. The old man is considered to be in communication with the old gods and so the people of the nearby hamlet bring him food, for he spends...
  12. AerioOndos

    Project Application: Stoney Sept

    We know what we must do. Build at SS :P
  13. AerioOndos

    More voxel detail using Chisels & Bits or LittleTiles mods

    make blocks 2d sprites
  14. AerioOndos

    Project/update application: Norrey

    I've talked to you in game and we came to agreement on the earthern wall. Approved from me.
  15. AerioOndos

    More voxel detail using Chisels & Bits or LittleTiles mods

    yeah, we can make meshes for objects and put them in. people would not be able to make some of the thin steeple-tower things if the arrowslits were only 2 sided.
  16. AerioOndos

    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    Could it also be done with muddy snow? because that still casts shadows onto snow layers
  17. AerioOndos

    Project Application - Greywater Watch by SerLoras

    With the idea of having no Greywater Watch itself and finding it is impossible, perhaps there could be some larger halls where an explorer might think 'I've found it!' but it turns out to just be a large house or hall or seeat of one of the smaller houses
  18. AerioOndos

    Project Application - Greywater Watch by SerLoras

    try double layering wattle to get the woven reed/wicker effect.