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  1. IronGentleGiant

    IronGiant's Seal Rock Application

    Background: Seal Rock lies on the outskirts of White Harbor. It is a massive stone dominating the approaches to the Outer Harbor. It is crowned with a ringfort of weathered stones of the First Men that stood desolate and abandoned for centuries. However, the Manderlys fortify it with...
  2. IronGentleGiant

    Style [Inspiration] The North: Ringforts

    While working on a Seal Rock Ringfort mini on my plot I took the liberty to do some reasearch on Ringforts for inspirational purposes and so far I have found two scholarly articles and two non-scholarly articles on Ringforts. I know from my readings on the First Men that they may have built many...
  3. IronGentleGiant

    Probation: IronGentleGiant

    Alright lets wing this thing y'all.
  4. IronGentleGiant

    Style [Inspiration] Tarbeck Hall

    Yesterday after wandering around Castamere, I was wondering about Tarbeck Hall which had risen up in rebellion with the Reynes of Castamere against their Lannister overlord. I warped to Tarbeck Hall and found no ruins nor anything there and wondered why that was so I asked. I think it was...
  5. IronGentleGiant

    IronGentleGiant Builder Application

    23 United States of America In a few cinematics I watched on youtube when I was looking for inspiration for medieval building on another server about 3 years ago. Artemis Fowl, Airman (Eoin Colfer); The Witcher (video game); The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, (JRR Tolkien); The...