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  1. mdmeaux

    We got featured in a ... speedrunning video?

    Little feature at 1:01 that I certainly wasn't expecting.
  2. mdmeaux

    Lonmouth by MDMeaux

    As a follow up to the Pre-Application thread, here is the actual application! Link:
  3. mdmeaux

    Pre-Application: Lonmouth (and the state of the Kingswood)

    For those wondering what a 'pre-application' is: before I actually put together an app for Lonmouth of the Stormlands, I wanted to discuss a potential location for it, as well as get some info on the current state of the Kingswood, as I can't find much of anything on the forums. My proposed...
  4. mdmeaux

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Ghaston Grey

    Ghaston Grey Martell Dorne Project Lead(s): MDMeaux Build Type: Castle Warp: /warp ghasongrey Project Application: Build Status: Completed Start Date: Aug 15, 2019 Completion Date: Sep 9, 2020...
  5. mdmeaux

    Completed Ghaston Grey by MDMeaux

    Because I definitely love terraforming islands and am totally not going to regret this: Here's my app for Alcatraz Ghaston Grey LINK
  6. mdmeaux

    Interesting Medieval History YT Channel

    Might be interesting/relevant? YouTube channel I've just found that looks at various aspects of medieval history (disappointingly not too much on castles but still...): Modern History TV:
  7. mdmeaux

    Ideas for Essos

    I realise that we are many years away from even finishing Westeros, but I thought it might be interesting to start looking at ideas for inspiration for different places in Essos, just to get some ideas flowing. These are just some of my ideas, feel free to disagree or make other suggestions...
  8. mdmeaux

    Completed Project Application: Oakenshield by MDMeaux

    Just moving this across from the old forums to keep it up to date. Here is the original app for reference: In order to organise this project better, I have created this map to divide the project into smaller regions, and each region has its own to-do list for organisation purposes. LHT: -...