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  1. Scubooty

    KL Update Application: District 4, Old Court

    Heya, I would like to apply for District 4 of the Kings Landing update/remaster. For this one I'm gonna be a bit more flexible with the extents of some of the houses especially since some of the district is wealther. However, I want to stress that I only condone the "nuking" or complete redoing...
  2. Scubooty

    Ring Redo Appeal

    Hey guys! I'm here to appeal to lift the No-Redo Rule per clause c) Abandoned Build Clause: "If a build is incomplete and filed under the project orphanage as an abandoned build, it may be allowed to be redone. The intuition behind this clause is that it can be difficult to pick up someone...
  3. Scubooty

    Block Change Request: Sandy Grass Variant

    Request: Sandy Grass Variant Request Type: General Addition Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes. Currently Sandy Grass has a texture that allows it to only mesh with grass in biomes that are Plains or similar to that shade...
  4. Scubooty

    In Progress Update Application - District 31

    With Cash’s Approval ContraContradict and I plan on leading District 31 of the KL Update. District Description: District 31 is bordered on the South by the Street of Steel with multiple blacksmiths, armorers, etc. It then stretches North around the base of Visenya’s Hill. New Canon As far as...
  5. Scubooty

    In Progress Project Application: House Frost by Scubooty

    Good Day everyone I am proud to announce that I am applying for House Frost of the North. Here is the link to the application. All feedback is welcomed! Thanks for the time, Scubooty
  6. Scubooty

    In Progress Bandit Encampment

    Hey Guys, proud to present my first Immersion build. North of Duskendale in the woods just west of Crackclaw Point is a small crumbling ruin from the age of the First Men. Shrouded beneath leaf and branch it is unseen but from the skies above. It is the perfect abode for a small group of Bandits...
  7. Scubooty

    Probation: Scubooty

    This will be my Probation thread, here I will submit my builds for whomever will be monitoring them! :)
  8. Scubooty

    Scubooty Builder Application

    17 United States I heard about WesterosCraft through Youtube which led me to the WesterosCraft channel and then to the website. I have always admired the builds shown on the channel and they have inspired me in Minecraft. The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Alchemyst series, The...