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  1. Renly_Baratheon_

    Possible project idea, inspired from Château Chillon

    ironoaks is kind of inspired by chillon and I think Lem named it as one of her inspiratioins for the hornvale castle because the more landlocked style of the westerlands is supposed to be more northern Italy alpine, which overlaps with vaud, where chillon is. Chillon is super cool but there's...
  2. Renly_Baratheon_

    [KL’s south bank] So what’s on the other side of the river?

    In The World of Ice and Fire Aerys II also dreams of building a city on the south bank out of white marble. Since it is said that he always pursued these follies for a few months at most before dropping them there could be some weird abandoned construction project since it would be plausible for...
  3. Renly_Baratheon_

    Introducing: The "Kachelofen"

    yesss make the Kachelofen happen and fill the Eyrie with them
  4. Renly_Baratheon_

    Wine production

    Of course I'll have to defend the Vale's Swiss identity policy with some Swiss inspiration. Tbh, I definitely don't know much about wine production but as far as I can tell the bigger scale wine production is in the southern cantons (surprise surprise) of Wallis (Valais in French) and Tessin...
  5. Renly_Baratheon_

    Egen Immersion Build Application: By Jake

    Hey, I really like your plans. I just wanted to suggest maybe considering turning the valley around so the river flows north-east into the one that is already in the Egen lands (obviously adjusting the elevation in a way that makes sense) so it is a) more connected to Egen, thus making more...
  6. Renly_Baratheon_

    Completed Project Application - House Rousemont

    the one between romohunters and romowitch because I wanted to walk from one to the other and it's right in the middle and after that I kept an eye out for (selener) other such trees just in case.
  7. Renly_Baratheon_

    A Stormlands Overhaul

    Finally some muchl-needed attention for my beloved homeland
  8. Renly_Baratheon_

    Completed Project Application - House Rousemont

    Hey Thamus I've been exploring Rousemont recently and it is honestly such an amazingly beautiful project. Congratulations. I found a few small world edit things when I was walking through the woods: ⁃ At -238 42 15715 Brown Wool Blocks in Floor near romoquarry ⁃ Path between bbholdfast3 and...
  9. Renly_Baratheon_

    Free Books on Architecture

    A friend just made me aware that the MIT Press digitized a few of their old architecture books and made them available for free. You can find them under this link. Although most of them are not relevant here, there's two about ancient greek city planning, which might be interesting. They also...
  10. Renly_Baratheon_

    Just a some family pictures <3

    We can pretend Loras was running by, which is why I don't look the right way.
  11. Renly_Baratheon_

    Terra Project - Field of Fire

    I agree with Azulejo. Since septries are generally equated on the server with real life abbeys it's not necessarily unusual to have lots of them around, sometimes even close-ish to each other. I live in Switzerland and there are like 5 different abbeys within a 20 minute drive of where I live...
  12. Renly_Baratheon_

    In Progress Application Thread: House Varner Redo by Jakethesnake

    hey, as somebody who's just been wandering around on the server a lot I quite like how varner feels somewhat different because it is more spread out than most other villages in the Reach Maybe what it needs is just a bit more density in the middle/near the sept so it looks more like the spread...
  13. Renly_Baratheon_

    Resource Pack issues

    hey, thank you for your answer. You can see by the textures that it is the westeroscraft resource pack. However, I deleted the resource pack and downloaded it again and now it works just fine. Somehow I must've accidentally deleted a file when I downloaded it for the first time.
  14. Renly_Baratheon_

    Resource Pack issues

    Hey there, I finally got around to building the launcher because I'm on mac and i couldn't open it since that update that made it not work anymore. Now I wanted to explore Keath in the riverlands but all the foliage is grey and it also didn't have those leaves sticking out anymore that used to...
  15. Renly_Baratheon_

    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    Hey everybody. I wanted to suggest that it might be interesting to create a green glazed ceramic tile block. My idea stems from the Swiss Kachelofen (tile stove) which has been used in Swiss and German buildings since the 12th century. Since the Vale on the server is partially based on...
  16. Renly_Baratheon_

    Oldtown: Feedback and Suggestions

    Not sure if this is an obvious observation but I think this idea seems especially fitting or certainly interesting in relation to the Hightower. Since it is the seat of the most powerful family in the city it could have become a fad for the families the Hightowers were/are friendly with as a...
  17. Renly_Baratheon_

    Roseroad Route through Bitterbridge

    Thank you. Makes much more sense here.
  18. Renly_Baratheon_

    Roseroad Route through Bitterbridge

    When the new road markings were added on the map I realized that there are two bridges at Bitterbridge that are really close to each other. That on its own would be fine but I thought it is a bit odd that the place is named after this old bridge but then they build another one further south and...
  19. Renly_Baratheon_

    White Harbor Post-Completion Quality Control

    I've just been exploring the surroundings of White Harbour and the holdfast north of the city, near the warps holt and wh3 has an unfinished cellar under the main hall. The cellar is accessed through the staircase to the left of the entrance. It's still made of wool. Don't think it's necessary...
  20. Renly_Baratheon_

    Gulltown Redo Discussion Megathread

    It is with great embarassment that I can announce that I spent half of today creating a potential layout of Gulltown on Photoshop (insert graphic desing is my burden meme). Obviously I don't expect any of it to be used but I was bored and felt inspired to create map instead of working on my...