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  1. Joseidon1

    Wine production

    Hello there, here is another worldbuilding post from me, but this time about a special type wine production. In some places in Germany like at the rivers Rhine, Neckar and Mosel, there are vineyards at the mountain slopes. According to a city tour in Besigheim I attended to the people there...
  2. Joseidon1

    Mammoth steppe

    Hello there, I had a shower thought yesterday about a possible terrain type for the area west of the Frostfangs beyond the wall. Implementing a Mammoth steppe might make sense there. But what is the mammoth steppe? It is a nowadays almost extinct biome which dominated Eurasia during the...
  3. Joseidon1

    In Progress Project Application: Clan Burley by Joseidon

    Here is my application for Harclay to extend Johan's dream of a done North-Western North. Link
  4. Joseidon1

    On Ibbenese whaling

    Hello together, as some of you might heard I am currently experimenting on Ibbenese whalers. There are some things about the processing that need some further discussion as they may imply the construction of structures on the westerosi shore. So what is known about those ship? The wiki writes...
  5. Joseidon1

    Probation: Joseidon

    Hi, this is my Probation thread. Happy to be here.
  6. Joseidon1

    Joseidon1 Builder Application

    What is your Minecraft username? joseidon What is your age? 17-20 In what country are you living? Germany Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft? Don't Remember What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF? asoiaf has more realism than other fantasy series (like lotr). Also the...