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  1. Sapper

    Block Change Request: House reed banner

    Request: House reed banner Request Type: General Addition Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes. I belive we need a house reed banner, the reeds are a major house comparable to even the manderlys. As we know the neck is...
  2. Sapper

    In Progress Skerry Island Immersion

    Hello Me and Jake are applying for immersion build of a Island in the North, this island is near the island of House Long. We plan to redo all the terra of the island, this includes the Cliffs, Beaches, and Hills. We plan to add 2 active wooden huts and a ruined wooden hut, I know you may be...
  3. Sapper

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Langward

    Langward House Langward The Crownlands Project Lead(s): Sappertsc Build Type: Keep Warp: /warp Langward and /warp Lwvillage Project Application: Build Status: Completed Start...
  4. Sapper

    In Progress KingsWood discussion

    Hello so for my project Langward I have a small piece of the kingswood to work on, I removed the area of forest in the landward lands and I don't know which trees, vegetation, etc I should do the forest, what do you all suggest I do?
  5. Sapper


    Hello I have been experiencing lag where whenever I move side to side it’s super slow kinda like I’m in water, and When it happens and it happens every 5-20 minutes I’m on, and I have to reset my computer which is a 2012 Mac Pro, I have Ram at 3.5 and 3, render at 6, what can I do? im getting...
  6. Sapper

    Completed Project Application- House Langward- Sappertsc

    Old app read the one below
  7. Sapper

    My poll

    Hey guys I know this has nothing to do with Westeroscraft but if you could please take my 2024 primary poll the top Dem and republican will go on for a mock presidental race; the more people the better, this is 100% Anonymous, thx...
  8. Sapper

    Sappertsc Probation

    Hello this is my Probation can a Probie leader comment.