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  1. Renly_Baratheon_

    Free Books on Architecture

    A friend just made me aware that the MIT Press digitized a few of their old architecture books and made them available for free. You can find them under this link. Although most of them are not relevant here, there's two about ancient greek city planning, which might be interesting. They also...
  2. Renly_Baratheon_

    Resource Pack issues

    Hey there, I finally got around to building the launcher because I'm on mac and i couldn't open it since that update that made it not work anymore. Now I wanted to explore Keath in the riverlands but all the foliage is grey and it also didn't have those leaves sticking out anymore that used to...
  3. Renly_Baratheon_

    Roseroad Route through Bitterbridge

    When the new road markings were added on the map I realized that there are two bridges at Bitterbridge that are really close to each other. That on its own would be fine but I thought it is a bit odd that the place is named after this old bridge but then they build another one further south and...