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  1. starcat98

    In Progress Update Application - District 36 "River Gate Square"

    Got the go ahead from Codd that we can start posting these, so here's my application for District 36. District Description District 36 is the River Gate Square. It is surrounded on all sides by inns, taverns, and a brothel to service the sailors, dock workers, and traders that come through the...
  2. starcat98

    In Progress Project Application: Antlers

    Hoping to finally give Antlers the love it deserves. Thanks for your time! -Star
  3. starcat98

    starcat98 Builder Application

    20 United States I used to be a builder, but haven't been active for about 2 years or so. Lord of the Rings Game of Thrones Clash of Kings Storm of Swords Feast for Crows Dance of Dragons Season 1 I think my favorite character would have to be Jon Snow. Admittedly...