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  1. Emoticone11

    Possible project idea, inspired from Château Chillon

    Just want to quickly point out, in case it's relevant, that Ironoaks and Parchments are both based on Chillon.
  2. Emoticone11

    CatProductions Builder Application

    No worries! I'll leave the thread open for now, feel free to pick it up again whenever you get the time.
  3. Emoticone11

    KL Update Application- District 5 "Old Gate" -qBBQ

    I think it's more likely that this is referring to the area around the Street of Silk and some of the manses around the Dragon Pit (i.e., southern parts of KL6). That said, I think KL5 should still be visibly wealthy, just more of a festive vibe with some rustic thatch rooves rather than the...
  4. Emoticone11

    KL Update Application- District 5 "Old Gate" -qBBQ

    Also style tests are now required for district apps (especially since KL5 is marked here as having a different style than it does currently).
  5. Emoticone11

    ErosTea's Builder Application

    Hey Eros, Awesome work on the Tor house! Regarding your question about mimicking IRL insp, it's certainly okay and encouraged to experiment with doing so. However, since we're building in a fairly constrained minecraft environment, a lot of things won't really translate well. So you basically...
  6. Emoticone11

    In Progress Project Application: Stackhouse by CC

    I'm happy to approve as well, since we talked about the project the other night. Your deadline to complete the project: yesterday
  7. Emoticone11

    HellFantasy Builder Application

    Hey HellFantasy, I think I was doing your app before you went inactive, so I can pick it up again. The Reach house you made seems to be based on an outdated style (you can tell by the use of full log blocks; these aren't used in houses at all anymore). In future builds, try to avoid the...
  8. Emoticone11

    ErosTea's Builder Application

    Hey Eros, Great to see you applying, and I love your enthusiasm in playing around with different styles. The apphouse looks good; not seeing any issues there. I won't be able to give super detailed feedback on all of the other tests you made, but I can point out a few general things: - This...
  9. Emoticone11

    CatProductions Builder Application

    Hey Cat, Thanks for your patience and sorry about the delay! Feel free to ping me from now on if it's been more than a few days. Great work with the apphouse; not really seeing any issues with it. Hope the exercise was helpful for learning our server's building style. For subsequent challenge...
  10. Emoticone11

    KL Remaster Style Discussion

    Hey everyone, As promised in a previous KL post, I'm making this thread in order to hopefully clarify a few stylistic elements of the KL remaster. While we're carrying out the remaster on a per-district basis and thus distributing the responsibility of style development across multiple people...
  11. Emoticone11

    Probation - Vertechs

    Just to clarify, since Vertechs is a returning builder, he just has to build the 5 houses and then can be re-promoted to full builder if you think everything seems fine.
  12. Emoticone11

    KL Update Map and Guide - Update 8 March 2021 (New Districts)

    I've created a map showing current progress of the remaster, since it's a bit hard to tell from the Dynmap. Orange shows WIP districts, while blue shows finished (but not yet post-approved) districts, according to the process described here. Overall, we've covered more of KL so far than I...
  13. Emoticone11

    Gealrüable Builder Application

    Hi Gael, Very nice work, these houses look solid! I only have a bit of minor feedback to give: - I feel like the 3-block tall vertical stripe in the timber pattern here (house on the left) disrupts the facade a little bit; I'd try something slightly different. Similar thing with the back side...
  14. Emoticone11

    In Progress KL Update Application, District 23B "Pigrun Alley, and Livestock Market"

    Hey jmc, I think you're good to move forward with the relocation of the livestock market.
  15. Emoticone11

    Block Change Request: House reed banner

    Sounds like the general consensus is that Reed likely wouldn't have banners, so going to deny this suggestion. Discussion about Graywater in general should be moved to another thread unless relevant to the question of banners.
  16. Emoticone11

    Block Change Request: Add Pink and Clean White Carpet

    I'll just add custom blocks for all the carpets now that we have a model for it. Moving to in-progress.
  17. Emoticone11

    Block Change Request: Window blocks; changes and additions

    Mentioned this to Stoop already, but I don't think these would be feasible to add at this time, as it'd outdate most things other than MP and KL as well.
  18. Emoticone11

    In Progress Skerry Island Immersion

    I think that could be justifiable given latitude/climate differences. As long as we're just somewhat systematic about Westeros's biomes, climate, and geology, and use that knowledge to make our terraforming styles consistent across projects. Generally grass and sedges in high latitude areas like...
  19. Emoticone11

    In Progress Skerry Island Immersion

    I think all of the Northern islands should definitely have a consistent style; this could be an extended editor project if you're interested. Perhaps even the mainland coasts should have some moss and rocks added. BTW, just be cautious of having too pronounced headlands and bays for the small...
  20. Emoticone11

    List of Schematic Brushes

    Found an issue with any boulder schemsets that have a corresponding "alt" schemset. Will fix soon.