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  1. Emoticone11

    KL Remaster Style Discussion

    Hey everyone, As promised in a previous KL post, I'm making this thread in order to hopefully clarify a few stylistic elements of the KL remaster. While we're carrying out the remaster on a per-district basis and thus distributing the responsibility of style development across multiple people...
  2. Emoticone11

    KL Remaster Guideline Updates

    Hey everyone, Been meaning to post this for a while now, but finally got a chance to finish it. This post contains a list of changes or clarifications to the KL Remaster procedure that the mod team has discussed. These updates are on top of the set of rules described here. Please be sure to...
  3. Emoticone11

    New Block Request Form

    Hey everyone, As many of you might have noticed by now, we've been testing a new form for allowing people to make block suggestions in a more organized way. I'm happy to announce that this form should now officially be live, thanks to the efforts of DutchGuard and Thamus_Knoward ! We're hoping...
  4. Emoticone11

    Low Block Change Request: Grass Slabs and Layers

    Request: Grass Slabs and Layers Request Type: General Addition Request Details Grass slabs/layers are more realistic than grass blocks and will allow us to make better terrain. We'd only need to re-paint the map, but that should be easy. We can force Marge to do it. Historical Accuracy, Canon...
  5. Emoticone11

    September Update Info Thread

    Hi everyone, Sorry I've been a bit delayed in getting this out. I trust that everyone's had plenty of time to toy around with the new blocks. I'm just going to drop some info about the new blocks that were added, and some strategies for keeping our completed builds up to date. Overall, I want...
  6. Emoticone11

    PSA: never use //smooth while using /sel poly

    Hi, After a small incident today, I figured it's better to get "WE best practices" like this out on record rather than passing them around in-game. Never use //smooth while using a /sel poly selection, or any selection other than /sel cuboid. For some reason, the //smooth command will effect...
  7. Emoticone11

    PSA: stand outside of a selection when copy/pasting

    Hi, Just a PSA about a current bug with WorldEdit, so that people are aware and not caught off-guard. If you copy something while standing inside of a selection box, and then paste it somewhere else, you'll sometimes get a weird error where your connection to the server gets throttled - though...
  8. Emoticone11

    Noise Scripts

    Hi everyone, I got tired of having to look up the format of the Perlin noise command every time I want to use it, so I made some very simple scripts (for use with the macro+keybind mod) to help assist the process (as well as for two other noise functions I uncovered, Voronoi noise and...
  9. Emoticone11

    King's Landing Remaster Discussion Thread

    Hey everyone, Sorry about the delay in putting this out there. I know some people have been eagerly waiting since it was mentioned in the last Rookery issue. I ask that you please read the following in full before replying, though. Why a KL remaster? The motivation for such an effort was...
  10. Emoticone11

    TerrainSet Stair/Slab/Wall/Fence Variants

    Hey everyone, An update just went onto the Production server adding the promised stair/slab/wall/fence variants for terrainsets. :D Something I definitely should have done a long time ago. Since this is a fairly substantial addition, I want to set up some ground rules for updates and create a...
  11. Emoticone11

    White Harbor Post-Completion Quality Control

    Post any concerns about quality for specific buildings/structures/areas/etc. in WH in this thread. Please try to include pictures of the relevant parts of the buildings in questions, and be specific about what you think the issues are. Also, it would be highly preferable if people bringing up...
  12. Emoticone11

    Temporary Test World Issues

    Hi everyone, There's currently a bug in the Test world where people don't automatically have perms to build. Illblew is working to fix it and it shouldn't be a problem for long. For the time being, if you need to build somewhere in test, just ask or message a moderator and they'll be able to...
  13. Emoticone11

    [Building] Turf/Sod Houses

    Just going to leave this here: Great resource for the North, Riverlands, and Iron Islands if we ever revisit those in the future.
  14. Emoticone11

    [11/23/18][FIXED] Temporary downtime

    EDIT: Everything is good now, the server is back up! Hey everyone, The server's facing temporary downtime currently due to issues restarting. It should be back up as soon as one of the admins can kill the hanging process and bring it back. Our apologies for the inconvenience! -Emote
  15. Emoticone11

    Snow (Gradient) Script

    Hey everyone! So, I was trying to be ambitious and make a general-purpose script to automatically place smooth snow. Unfortunately, however, this was just too rife with issues: it was too difficult to account with all the different slopes someone might need, and doing a multiple-placeholder...
  16. Emoticone11

    WorldEdit Error Reporting

    Hi everyone, this thread is for reporting WorldEdit mistakes found on the Production server. Today we found this large gravel cube at /warp wells: It appears to be fresh; @Margaery_Tyrell claims she was at Wells yesterday and there was no cube there. Also, the dynmap as of writing this...
  17. Emoticone11

    River Pebble Script

    Hey everyone, I made a new script which automatically places pebble layers on river banks- with nothing more than a single flat placeholder! Check out the result: The script is pretty flexible and allows for you to put in various parameters. Here's a brief explanation of them: 1...
  18. Emoticone11

    Version Migration Bug Testing Checklist

    Compiled a list of issues we had to deal with back during the 1.7.10 -> 1.11.0 migration. A lot went wrong during that migration, so this list should be pretty thorough (many issues listed here probably won't be a problem anymore), buuuut... Disclaimer: this should be considered a...
  19. Emoticone11

    [5/25/18] - Thread Grab Opportunity

    Hey everyone, the old forums will be up for 3 days as of now, giving people plenty of opportunity to grab threads they need: Please, feel free to grab any thread you feel is important, regardless of whether you made it or not. Make sure to search the new...
  20. Emoticone11

    Gone for a few weeks

    Just a heads up, I'm going to be away the next three weeks travelling around Europe. Should still have access to the forums and everything, so ping me if you need me! Block update is finished, BTW :) Just waiting on @mikeprimm to put it on the test server, at which point I'll need some help...