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  1. CashBanks

    September Rookery - What are you proud of and would you like to write something

    Hey everyone, We're starting to think about the next edition of the Rookery (our hopefully quarterly server newsletter) and wanted to ask two things of our community: 1. What are you proud of? - Because our server is so large, it's undoubtedly the case that not everything gets the attention...
  2. CashBanks

    Immersion Contest Winners

    Hello all, I was worried my previous post was buried and didn't get the fanfare it deserved. Thank you all for your patience while we reviewed all your entries and tabulated the votes, it was a really wide spread of results and it ended up being really close, indicating that there is a broad...
  3. CashBanks

    The Rookery - June 2019 - Server News and Updates

    Hi all, Here's a link to the latest edition of the Rookery for June 2019. All images available for download here
  4. CashBanks

    Cash's Custom Creation Cache

    Just a thread to store all my dumb ideas A while back Loras tricked me into testing out an idea for Sept idol status First attempt at the Mother was less than ideal. Bannermen banners + Renly Reach carved wood blocks Highgarden carved marble Miscellaneous lady blocks Dreadfoooort...
  5. CashBanks


    Hey everyone. We were going to hold off and until Season 8 dropped but I just couldn't keep it a secret any longer! Dragons are now a ridable mount in Westeroscraft! Spawning is really easy. Just type "summon dragon" and voila! Dracarys!
  6. CashBanks

    Season 8 Promotions *Show Spoilers*

    Hey team, As the hype train for Season 8 starts to build steam we thought it would be a great idea to jump on the bandwagon and start featuring the server in some social media posts (instagram, reddit, twitter etc). What we need: 1. Pics! 2. More Pics! Doesn't matter if they're shadered or...
  7. CashBanks

    PvE - Fist of the First Men

    Hey everyone, I've thrown together a test of a PvE concept to see how we might be able to manage fighting mobs in game. If you head over to /warp pve you'll be able to give it a try for yourselves. I figure we might be able to setup discrete, self contained...
  8. CashBanks

    Summerhall - Cash

    Here it is, I'm sure there's some areas that could be polished and refined with some second opinions, so let's treat this as the start of the conversation. Thanks to Ark, Enah, Emote and Iwan for the help so far. Thanks
  9. CashBanks

    Fire & Blood hype thread

    Volume 1 of Fire and Blood is to be released on November 20. The book will have 80 black-and-white illustrations by Doug Wheatley. Prince Aemond on Vhagar chases Prince Lucerys on Varax. Orys Baratheon slays Argilac the Arrogant. King Aegon 1 Queen Rhaenys I think there's a great...
  10. CashBanks

    [Building] Castle inspiration and floor plans

    Just stumbled on a pretty wild website, this person has researched and built lego replicas of dozens of castles all over Europe. They've included floor plans for each one as well.
  11. CashBanks

    Discussing spoilers in-game

    I think the blanket ban on discussing potential spoilers in-game is unnecessary. In fact it seems bizarre to me that a community comprised of fans as passionate about ASOIAF as we are is expressly forbidden from discussing it. How many times have new visitors to the server asked a question...
  12. CashBanks

    Northern Mountain Clan Territories

    I've been thinking about the territories of the seven named northern mountain clan in case anyone is interested in working on them as a project. A lot of it's guesswork since canon wise we only know: - Wull is the largest - Flint and Norrey are the closet to the Gift (thus why I suggest we...
  13. CashBanks

    Server Builds and Directions to Builders

    TLDR: I think we should pay a little more attention to Server Builds. Hey everyone, I've seen a few in-game conversations on the subject of the server's overall building strategy. How do we allocate projects, how do we coordinate regions compared to Arda etc. I'm not at all intending to find a...
  14. CashBanks

    Project Application: Wull

    Hey everyone, here's my proposal for the chance to finish the region of the Wull Clan, a really cool (orphaned) project, one that has a unique character and is canonically significant. Google doc PDF As you can see from the app, I've already done a tonne of testing on my plot, and that...