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  1. Ric

    Forum Game: Guess Who Posts Next

    You got lucky. I'll try CC too
  2. Ric

    Probation: FlipHalfling_90

    Hey Flip, One month has passed and I'm confident you're ready, so I approve you as a full builder. Next time you're online remember to ask a mod to promote you. You can now also apply for minis. You can see more information here. Congrats and welcome to the team! :D
  3. Ric

    Probation: Bwod

    Hey Bwod, welcome back! :D With the resuming of your probation, I'll be your probation leader for the following month. Just reiterating the rules: you have to build at least 5 different houses in at least 5 different places, and then we'll go over them so I can give you feedback. We'll do the...
  4. Ric

    In Progress House Estren of Wyndhall by Pix

    Hey Pix, if you want to I can post some of these images in the wiki page for Wyndhall :)
  5. Ric

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Wyndhall

    Posted on the wiki already! Should show up there soon :)
  6. Ric

    Where on the timeline is our server?

    I think I have an idea of keeping Arya going in the western shore (what is important because of later descriptions of the north-western shore and area of the God's Eye and because of the Mountains path), and at the same time saving most or all of Willow Wood. What Arya describes is "All the...
  7. Ric

    Sweetsister Redo Appeal by Jake and Ric

    I would like to add that an additional reason for the redo appeal under the abandoned build clause (instead of an update or a separate project for the missing Sunderland castle) would be the clash between the current server standards and the ones had during the construction of Sisterton, both in...
  8. Ric

    Project Application: House Chambers

    Hey Nic! I'm glad to see you applying for a project :D Very nice of you to want to depict the war path, you might want to check Dutch's Map on that. So, I would like to make a suggestion based on Dunk and Egg canon, from the third tale (The Mystery Knight). To give context, they were traveling...
  9. Ric

    Probation: JaimeLannister

    Hey Jaime! So your month period has passed and I've seen all your houses. I'm confident that you are ready to procede as a full builder :) Next time you're online remember to ask a mod to promote you. It might be useful to check the General Building Guidelines page in the wiki. As a full...
  10. Ric

    In Progress House Bullock by Pept1c

    It did happen that a Crownlands lord was attacked, tho not by the Starks: I also think that when he points out that the wolves who attacked his lands were on four legs, it might be because the Starks (i.e. the wolves on two legs) were a threat he knew of, even if they didn't attack - what makes...
  11. Ric

    Probation: FlipHalfling_90

    Hey Flip, congrats :) I'll be your probation leader for the following month. Just to reiterate: you'll have to build at least 5 houses in 5 different places. I'll give you feedback on all those houses and on the others you make within the period. I prefer to give feedback directly to you, but I...
  12. Ric

    Probation: JaimeLannister

    Hey Jaime, Updating here: we've been thru all your houses together, apart from the 9th one (that I had a look on my own). I gave you feedback in all of them and I can see you are adapting pretty well! The 9th house seems solid to me and was already approved when I looked over it. Only a few...
  13. Ric

    Probation: Mobin

    Hi Mobin, I couldn't catch you online anymore after you looked thru the first two houses, unfortunately. On your third house Jake left some notes on what should be changed. Overall the problem with the yard are two things: the crops, which are too big and blobbly (you can take inspiration in...
  14. Ric

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Langward

    Up on the wiki already, should show up there soon!
  15. Ric

    In Progress Project Application- House Langward- Sappertsc

    Don't forget to write a wiki article for Langward too :D
  16. Ric

    Probation: Mobin

    Nice, I should be online around 8 and 9 EST today and later after that too, so if you are able to join and we catch eachother on we can have a look together at the houses :)
  17. Ric

    Probation: Mobin

    Sure. What times (and under which timezone) would you be able to join?
  18. Ric

    Probation: Mobin

    Hey Mobin! Congrats on your approval :) I'm going to be your probation leader for the following month - tho it appears there's only 10 days left of it :P Just as a reminder: you need to build at least 5 houses in 5 different locations. You can find some open plots at /warp build or using the...
  19. Ric

    Probation: JaimeLannister

    Hey Jaime, congrats on your approval! :) I'll be your probation leader for the following month. During the probation, as you're probably aware, you have to build at least 5 houses in 5 different locations, but don't limit yourself to the minimum. I'll give you feedback on all the houses you...
  20. Ric

    In Progress Update Application- District 8 "Dragon Gate" - By ViserysII, SseriousBusiness & Ric_Games

    Hey all, here’s our answer to the feedback given: First, our answer to Nuggs feedback: Concerning its size, as Dutch pointed out, it isn’t something unseen for the period and region we base ourselves off in the server. It’s not uncommon for there to be weirdly big structures, this is a palace...