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  1. DutchGuard

    Block Change Request: Riverlands Pink Stone Blocks

    Request: Riverlands Pink Stone Blocks Request Type: Unique Addition (specific to a build, region, or culture) Describe the use of this block in said build, region, or culture. How is it unique? To the best of your knowledge how could it be used in a different context? The Riverlands has at...
  2. DutchGuard

    Agricultural Buildings Guide

    Came across this today, might be of interest to those of your working on agricultural estates. Also has a list of building typologies which might be useful if anyone is scratching their head thinking what other farm buildings might be on a farm...
  3. DutchGuard

    Block Change Request: Removing Timber Frame Cross Blocks CTM

    Request: Removing Timber Frame Cross Blocks CTM Request Type: Change Try to describe all current uses of the block you request to be changed. Do you foresee any issues/ problems that could result from changing the block? I would like to ask that the horizontal CTM of the Cross or "X" and "/"...
  4. DutchGuard

    Block Change Request: Remove Dock Leaves from Nettle

    Request: Remove Dock Leaves from Nettle Request Type: Change Try to describe all current uses of the block you request to be changed. Do you foresee any issues/ problems that could result from changing the block? Hello please could we remove the dock leaves texture from the nettle block...
  5. DutchGuard

    Anonymous Feedback Form

    Hi all! Yay more forms! Have I told you I love making forum forms? (try saying that ten times fast) In light of recent events it occurred to me that I could make a form which submits entirely anonymous feedback. After running it by the moderators I've just implemented it. You can find it here...
  6. DutchGuard

    Dutch's Dissertation

    Hey all, As some of you may know, I completed a dissertation over the summer which I thought some of you might enjoy browsing. A lot of primary research was curtailed by the pandemic, but the secondary research might interest some of you. I'd like to think it's fairly readable (lot's of...
  7. DutchGuard

    Help out with a Timelapse!

    Hey all, Today fluboss, myself, and a few other volunteers tested a reverse timelapse of one of Winterfell's towers to test out some ideas for a full-scale video. Most of you know what a timelapse is, but what is a reverse timelapse? Basically, we are filmed slowly destroying a build, top to...
  8. DutchGuard


    Hey all, I've been playing the early access of Townscaper and it struck me as something some of you might be interested in or have some fun with. Check it out!
  9. DutchGuard

    Marker Signs!

    Thanks to the wizardry of red and the help of mikeprimm we now have a lovely little addition to our Dynmap arsenal. Any builder (or higher rank) can now place signs on open plots or available minis which create Marker Flags on our Dynmap. For these to work the signs must be written in a...
  10. DutchGuard

    Where on the timeline is our server?

    Okay, asking the big question that hasn't been answered. When exactly is our server? Prompted by a discussion with regards to the state of Maidenpool, I had a deep dive into the canon surrounding its events as compared to what we have built on the server. Here is what it seems like we have...
  11. DutchGuard

    Probation: DutchGuard

    Hi all, this is my probation thread. _Simbaa has asked to be my leader and I am fine with that, but there is currently an unclaimed probation thread which I feel should have a leader assigned first before I start posting builds. Hope to get started asap!
  12. DutchGuard

    DutchGuard Builder Application

    What is your age? 25+ In what country are you living? United Kingdom Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft? Searched online What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF? There is so much detail to sink your teeth into when reading the books. The series indulges in seemingly unnecessary...
  13. DutchGuard

    Planning Test Guides

    Hey all, I've been wanting for some time to catalogue all the in-game guides that we have in our test world. There are some really great guides but I don't know which ones are still relevant or useful, which is where I could use some help. Below is a list of all the in game-guides, their warps...
  14. DutchGuard

    Wiki [Test] Wiki Submission for White Harbor

    [This is a sample wiki submission form report] White Harbor House Manderly The North Name of project leader(s): Emoticone11 Build Type: City Warp: /warp whiteharbor Project Application: Start Date: Jun 1, 2020 Completion Date: Jun 30...
  15. DutchGuard

    Forum Name Change Requests

    Hello all, In the interest of clarity, we are starting this thread to allow forum users to request their forum name be changed to match their in game name. Please post the following: Your current forum name Your in game name An in-game screenshot with your username visible Once posted, an...
  16. DutchGuard

    New Wiki, Progress Page, and Trophies!

    Hello all! Our new Wiki and Progress pages are now fully updated. You can reach these very easily thanks to the new "Resources" menu on the above navigation bar. Check out the post on the List of Available Projects Thread for more details. You may also see some notifications pop up about being...
  17. DutchGuard

    Abandoned [OLD] Project Application: Sweetport Sound + Tally Hill

    [OLD FORUM REPOST -11/7/14] [OLD FORUM REPOST -7/23/16]
  18. DutchGuard

    Abandoned [OLD] project application: house myatt by Padrao1796

    [OLD FORUM REPOST - 5/19/15]
  19. DutchGuard

    Abandoned [OLD] Project Application: Karhold by MrTXI & Flemishguard

  20. DutchGuard

    Abandoned [OLD] Project Application: House Cockshaw by NewEnglandRed09

    [OLD FORUM REPOST - 10/9/2015]