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  1. JohanKR850

    Block Change Request: Snowy weirwood leaves

    Request: Snowy weirwood leaves Request Type: Unique Addition (specific to a build, region, or culture) Describe the use of this block in said build, region, or culture. How is it unique? To the best of your knowledge how could it be used in a different context? There is a lot of...
  2. JohanKR850

    In Progress Western gift "continuation project" by Johan

    Western gift By Johan The gift is very large and underdeveloped. So far the only projects which has built in the gift is Shadow tower Hoarfrost hill, Queenscrown and Moles town. And i would like to complete the western most quarter of the gift. I earlier posted a long thread about this so...
  3. JohanKR850

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Queensgate

    Basic Info Project lead: Johan (formerly xKrillen43x and Bearic Royce) Started 02/04/2015 Completed 18/06/2020 Type: Castle /Warp Queensgate Description Location - Queensgate is a castle along the wall, it is located west of Castle Black and east of Deeplake. It sits in the hills and...
  4. JohanKR850

    Completed Lonely lighthouse

    Lonely lighthouse Heyo! Ive had this test around for a while around. Thought id use to fill the north, with something. Its not inspired by anything to be honest, other than the WH lighthouse. Its nothing fancy, i know. But imagine this on a barren stretch of coast or a little rocky island...
  5. JohanKR850

    Completed Queensgate Foster By Johan

    Queensgate foster Left by xKrillen43x and Bear and picked up by Johan Resume: Clan Knott Of The Northern Mountains WH Hamlet And HF (coop with Endy) House Cave Hamlet And HF Hoarfrost Hill Of The Nights Watch Lorn Point On The Frozen Shore Hello! I would like to finish the Queensgate...
  6. JohanKR850

    Completed Hermit Island By Johan (Immersion project)

    Hermit island By Johan I got a kick ass idea for an immersion project here. Inspiration: Most of your nerds out there has like me probably seen the new Star Wars films or played/read The Witcher. Well did you know that south-west of Ireland an archipelago lays in the stormy sea. It’s called...
  7. JohanKR850


    Hey. Maybe we should have a forum for immersion builds under the construction category, where there could be sub forums for each region? This could be smart in the long run so the solo project sub-forums dont get clustered with immersion build apps.
  8. JohanKR850

    Completed Lorn Point By Johan

    Heyo here is my app for Lorn Point! I talked to a couple of mods about wether or nor this can be considered a immersion build due it being canon. But thanks to its modest size i was allowed to apply for as immersion (while i have a projekt going on).
  9. JohanKR850

    Completed Hoarfrost Hill By Johan

    Hoarfrost Hill By Johan Resume: Clan Knott Of The Northern Mountains WH loggingcamp1 WH Hamlet & HF (coop with Endy) House Cave Hamlet & HF In this world, winter is certain - Ned Stark And with winter comes snow, and the snow has yet to kill me :D Therefore i have, turned my eye north...
  10. JohanKR850

    Johan´s Mini project rulebook

    Hello, this is my mini project rulebook. The rules I have here are a combination of the rules from the newbie guide and Iwan´s brain (which I have been asking some questions regarding this for a while now). I made it because the rules surrounding mini projects are a bit unclear. In this rulebook...
  11. JohanKR850

    Completed Project application: Clan Knott By Johan

    Hey, here is my App for Clan Knott of the northern mountains. Hope you enjoy :) App
  12. JohanKR850

    Probation: JohanKR850

    This is my probation thread. I am in time zone 1+
  13. JohanKR850

    JohanKR850 Builder Application

    15 Denmark On google pictures, searching for a map or picture of Deepwood Motte. And i saw a build from this server, and cheeked it out. A Song Of Ice And Fire is my favorite, but i like the Lord of Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter books, and of course the Hobbit, and The Witcher...