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  1. Ric

    In Progress Project Application - Isle of Faces

    Hey everyone! I'm now applying for a redo of the Isle of Faces. You can find my application here. Special thanks for Aek for helping me with the houses and for Emot for the many tips for the forest and caves. :)
  2. Ric

    Isle of Faces Redo Appeal

    Hey all! I want to present an appeal for the Isle of Faces to be exempted from the No-Redo Rule per Clause 1(b) - Inadequate Canon where a “build under consideration objectively lacks important canon, which directly impacts the planning or style of the build.” According to canon, at the end...
  3. Ric

    In Progress Immersion Build - Hospital Complex Near White Harbor by Ric and Seri

    Hello everyone! Me and Seri have been planning for the last few weeks on a hospital complex to the western bank of the White Knife, right next to White Harbor. Here's our app for it :D
  4. Ric

    Castle Black Canon Problem

    So, I was re-reading the first book and I noticed that we have one thing wrong in Castle Black. According to Jon VI "They led their horses down a narrow tunnel cut through the ice, cold dark walls pressing in around them as the passage twisted and turned. Three times their way was blocked by...
  5. Ric

    In Progress Project Application: House Vikary by Ric_games & Thevikingcorgi

    Hi! Me and Viking are applying for House Vikary as a co-op project. :)
  6. Ric

    Probation: ric_games

    My probation thread.
  7. Ric

    Ricardus Builder Application

    19 Brazil I discovered Westeroscraft by accident on Youtube, don't remember exactly how. Probably Youtube just showed it to me as a suggestion and I clicked and watched some of the videos of WesterosCraft Walks. Having great interested in everything related to ASOIAF, it's no surprise...