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  1. Jakethesnake8_8

    Egen Immersion Build Application: By Jake

    Hello! I'm applying for an immersion build (57th time's the charm eh?). Happy reading
  2. Jakethesnake8_8

    Sweetsister Redo Appeal by Jake and Ric

    Hey people, Ric_games and I are appealing for a redo of the island of Sweetsister under the clause that the build is not finished. There are markers for builds on the island, and a warp that has no build there (/warp Sunderland). Additionally, the island is out of canon, because the Belly of...
  3. Jakethesnake8_8

    Immersion Project Application: Barrowlands-Rills

    Here ya go! Another immersion project application because yes.
  4. Jakethesnake8_8

    Block Change Request: basalt brick ornate windows

    Request: basalt brick ornate windows Request Type: Unique Addition (specific to a build, region, or culture) Request Details necessary for builds such as starry sept, harrenhal and dragonstone. it’s unique because we have few black toned builds, and wouldn’t create a problem where everyone...
  5. Jakethesnake8_8

    Proposal to Update /warp jobs

    Hello mods, as the title suggests, I'd like to update /warp jobs! This is something otty gave me the idea for a few months back and I think an updated job guide would benefit the probies and newer builders. I originally considered breaking down the area for /warp jobs into low-class professions...
  6. Jakethesnake8_8

    KL Update Application: District 27

    Hello, I'm applying for District 27 of the King's Landing Update. enjoy
  7. Jakethesnake8_8

    Winterfell canon

    there is a narrow passage from the third floor of the south gate to the first floor of the north gate. winterfell is also described as having hills and valleys within its walls, which i see few of. this is from a Bran chapter (the one where he falls) edit: there is in fact a tunnel, but i’m not...
  8. Jakethesnake8_8

    In Progress Application Thread: House Varner Redo by Jakethesnake

    Greetings moderators! I'd like to apply for my first canon project, the fostering of House Varner. Attached is the application document with the details of the foster.
  9. Jakethesnake8_8

    Probation: Jakethesnake8_8

    This is my probationary thread
  10. Jakethesnake8_8

    Jakethesnake8_8 Builder Application

    14 UK My brother showed me this server based on Game of Thrones. We spent the whole night looking around in awe at what had been done. Every 5 minutes we'd remember different locations and see how they looked on the server. Then I started to read the books and each location, in my head...