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  1. lemonbear

    The Rookery - Winter 2020 Update

    (Image is the link)
  2. lemonbear

    Winter 2020 Holiday Contests!!!

    Hopefully you’re getting snug under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate (or beating the heat with a chilled beverage down south) because we have some exciting news. Not only are we announcing a contest just in time for the holiday season, but we are announcing THREE CONTESTS! Along with...
  3. lemonbear

    New Merchandise Store!

    We just set up a Redbubble store filled with WesterosCraft merchandise! From stickers and shirts to journals and clocks, show your love for the server with merchandise featuring our logos, iconic block textures, and even original art. All proceeds go to keeping the server running...
  4. lemonbear

    The Rookery - Autumn 2020 Update

    (Image is the link)
  5. lemonbear

    Proposal for Borders of Several Projects in the Westerlands

    The borders in the valley north of the River Road aren't very well defined despite some clear geographical borders between areas (mountains, rivers, etc.). This is especially the case for the location of Kyndall. Kyndall's warp is currently on the same side of the river as Ashemark, but I see...
  6. lemonbear

    The Rookery - Summer 2020 Update!

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  7. lemonbear

    Summer 2020 Rookery Submissions OPEN!

    We're now accepting submissions of any type for the Summer 2020 issue of the Rookery! These could include: Project spotlights Community spotlights (for community members who have made a positive impact on the community) Building/WE tutorials Real world inspiration World-building guides (e.g...
  8. lemonbear

    Playing around with wood textures

    We've been talking a lot about wood plank textures lately, and since I'm teaching myself about pixel art right now I thought I'd give a go at editing our current textures to be perhaps a bit more realistic. In effect, I primarily reduced contrast and got rid of the border on the horizontal...
  9. lemonbear

    The Rookery - Spring 2020 Update

    (Image is the link)
  10. lemonbear

    Spring 2020 Rookery Submissions!

    @CashBanks and I are starting to work on Spring's issue of the Rookery, and we're asking for any content you'd like to share or other contributions you want to make! These could include: Project spotlights Community spotlights (for community members who have made a positive impact on the...
  11. lemonbear

    The Rookery - Winter 2019 Update

    I promised before the end of the month, and it's finally here! Hope you enjoy :) (Image is the link)
  12. lemonbear

    Winter 2019 Rookery Stuff!

    It's getting to be that time of year again, and we're planning to release the Winter 2019 Rookery by the end of the month! @CashBanks and I are starting to put things together, and we would like to officially solicit the server for any content you'd like to share! In the past we asked for...
  13. lemonbear

    The Rookery - Autumn 2019 Update

    Hi, everyone! Here's the Autumn 2019 Rookery!
  14. lemonbear

    Immersion Build Guidelines

    Finally the long wait is over, and Immersion Builds are here! As you all know, our current system of projects is centered around the Great Houses, towns and cities of Westeros, and their respective vassal houses, communities and features. I.e., Builders lead or co-lead one project at a time...
  15. lemonbear

    Project Application Guidelines

    Project applications should be posted in the subforum corresponding to the project's region. Thread titles should be formatted as the following: “Project Application:” + [Project Name] by [Builder name(s)]. In the body of the thread or in an attached Google doc or PDF you must include the...
  16. lemonbear

    Social Media Funtimes

    Hi, all! As you may know, I've been leading our social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter for the past few months. I've been trying to showcase our great work, but I'm still figuring out what works best to engage our audience. I'm going to use this thread to crowdsource some ideas for...
  17. lemonbear

    In Progress Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear

    Hi, all! Let me know if I need to wait a week for this to be considered. I'll happily accept feedback in the meantime. :) ** EDIT: BTW, if any holdfasts, septries, farms, hamlets, etc. grab your attention, feel free to ask to do them! I plan for this project to be server build-ish where...
  18. lemonbear

    How to make purple!

    The embedded video doesn't seem to work, so just click on the title of the video to go to its Facebook source.
  19. lemonbear

    Season 8 Death Pool Contest!

    Hi, all! In the lead up to the final season of Game of Thrones, the mod team and I would like to announce a fun contest for everyone! We all have theories of who will win the game of thrones, who Azor Ahai is, and where the hell Gendry ended up, but we all know the funnest part of the show is...
  20. lemonbear

    :( Not Sir Pounce... :'(