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  1. ViserysII

    In Progress Project Application: House Cordwayner by ViserysII

    Hey guys!! So I decided to take Hammerhal as my first project, and as it is a foster project I'm so glad to be able to move it forward, and some of Tsar's ideas are still there. I'll send you my app and I might have forgotten something, but if so, you just need to ask me :D hope u like it guys!
  2. ViserysII

    Probation: ViserysII

    Hello! This will be my probation thread! and the first house I built is in / warp parren the coordinates are -6390.084/86.64082/13600.673 see you!
  3. ViserysII

    ViserysII Builder Application

    I'am 17 years old I'am from Brazil I always watched videos on youtube, as my passion is game of thrones, this server couldn't go unnoticed, and mixing it with my love for building in minecraft, I found the perfect combination. i really like harry potter, but got is my favorite one...