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  1. SseriousBusiness

    FIXED[MacOS] Java crashes after a few seconds of opening the game window

    OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.6 Launcher Version: v1.6.0 Issue: Cannot start the game. Explanation: When I click play on the launcher, it opens the java window for a second but then it crashes. PasteBin: UPDATE: the issue was fixed by following Dylan’s support thread...
  2. SseriousBusiness

    Crops and Herbs messy system

    Hello everyone! So, a while back I was a bit confused at our usage of crops and herbs throughout the server. In some projects I saw some yards with stuff that I had never seen before and others had the basic /warp crops stuff. So I compiled a large display of our crops/herbs both from the...
  3. SseriousBusiness

    Horse Girl Club!!

    We basically spent the whole day riding and not working on builds so it was a lot of fun :D . One of of the many routes: Duskendale > Mallery > Gaunt > Fairmarket > Vypren > Banefort > The Crag > Lannisport P.S.: Shoutout to dork that couldn't make it to the selfies <3
  4. SseriousBusiness

    In Progress House Peake of Starpike - Project Application by SseriousBusiness

    Hey guys, Sorry for the confusion but, when the palette issue was brought up, I didn't have the time to focus and be online because of a portfolio and an early christmas trip. Added to that I had to adapt and learn a palette I've never used before compared to my months of work with the...
  5. SseriousBusiness

    Completed House Byrch - Project Application

    Hey guys, I've finished all of Byrch lands so I'm ready for post-approval :D Thanks, sseri
  6. SseriousBusiness

    Came back and have an issue

    Hey guys I came back from my 1 month vacation, wont go into detail but besides house i own near Marvao a walled village with a castle i also visited from spain salamanca, avilla, segovia, madrid and toledo. Now to the more important stuff, 60% of the vacation i didnt have wi fi or phone signal...